She cares a lot for him, there’s no doubt that she’s in love. Yes she made a mistake but they are still friend and they still love each other deeply. She’s never had a true relationship and manipulated his memories with his best friend and first love to feel what she has dreamed of feeling, with no consideration for him whatsoever. The money was d. The thing is, I do think Sung-joon was more unkind than he needed to be. It’s just an endless cycle. I’m being sarcastic, but I have seen this.

They miss each other terribly, but their love stays strong through their separation. I still can’t excuse how horrible Sung Joon was to Hye Jin before finding out, somehow knowing she was the “real” childhood friend made him into a nice loving caring dude But Sung-joon somehow gets all the criticisms while Shin-hyuk deservedly gets all the praise. He seems better suited to film than television – he’s got a BIG presence! Well, this is just an afterthought, after watching this episode. People also tend to forget that SJ and the other chars in this show are flawed and nowhere near saintly, and so for people to easily throw crap at HR at SJ, and not blink an eye over HJ or SH’s actions is not fair. I shall put on freckles and although my hair is an afro and not Hye-Jin’s otherwise straight-curly hair, I’m sure i can still do. BUT, this is a light-hearted and fun drama that should not be taken seriously.

I want a not-so-stressful theme of entertainment. They love and care for each other, we can feel the deep affection between them, it’s sweet and wzs. He loved her before, fell in love with her without knowing it’s her and will love her until the end Alessar November 2, at 7: I support Sung-joon’s relationship with Hye-jin because that’s the main romance, but I also really love Shin-hyuk.

She Was Pretty: Episode 16 (Final) » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

And do you think Shin-hyuk is deserving of someone who chooses him as a second choice? That just makes Chief Editor Kim want to hold him to warm him up, so he claims to have a hot flash, and then she tries to strip him. My guess is that Ten and nephew is Shin hyuk and Joon woo, in no particular order lol I feel that both of them are hiding something behind their antics.


He’s being loved out of sympathy? I don’t see the proposal as relying on only the success. But, I still love this episode. Yeah it bugged me when he was saying all that emotional stuff, how she’s always been the only one for him and that he can’t see her any other way.

SJ’s ‘jerk’ behaviour is a standard main guy character in romcom which is one thing that I don’t like in this drama. This is a prime example of putting down one actor in favor of pulling up the other.

This was a wonderful journey and I was left feeling all fuzzy and happy, so I have to say “Mission accomplished, She was Pretty”: In this drama, I love HJ as a character because she is caring and forgiving things that should be possessed by human beings to be considered kindand how she handles her friendship with SH. While mothers take care of their sons, wives also take care of their husbands, so Hye Jin dramaire Sung Joon’s fingernails was not intended as his surrogate mother, but as his umbrella.

She Was Pretty

Leave out the future angst and get on with the cute! Not looking forward to the next episode if it’s going to be like this as well. Like HyeJin is really dead, and this was all SungJoon dreaming. I actually haven’t noticed much change in her clothes except for the coats and heels. I think some of it may have been intuitive though because he did have those flashbacks when she did things that she had done as a child such as the way she crossed the street and such and maybe he recognized it even before he knew.

Hence, he should have lived in Korea for a very long time. Yeah, this was a bit of a none sense noble idiocy on Hye Jin’s part.

It can’t always be sunshine and rainbows. I cried through most of this episode cause there were so many sweet moments. I don’t know – I don’t know – I don’t know…I’m trying to ignore the bad feeling I have now.

But I’ll remind you of the one where Sung-joon calls Hye-jin after the reveal, telling her how he’s missed her — her breathless reaction and her eyes say it all eoisode — now THAT is a woman in love.

It’s literally so unsettling. I wanna see more how Sung Joon episoxe up well.


So, we won’t mix the former up with the latter. Ha Ri was her first friend. Like when he couldn’t find Hye jin, but I assumed that it was because of his huge love for her Everything was just perfect. And sometimes she says it, too. And the production crew wasn’t really helpful either, saying that there was going to be a new development, and whether it’s a sad or happy ending, the viewers will be satisfied.

I’m like, NO, my satisfaction of this drama is only dependent on a happy ending, so please don’t even try to do it any other way! BUT, the ending crushed my negative thoughts and made me feel very warm and cozy after watching it. I felt the reasons for MOST’s success was bittersweet, in that it came at a price, and quite a hefty one at that – Shin Hyuk’s own happiness.

Hye-jin gets ready to go later, but Sung-joon stops her and asks her to stay.

While I can readily forgive him for being a giant ass early on, it was grossly unnecessary to make him that mean. Zah November 8, at 3: Hannah October 31, at Daphne October 24, at 6: She and Sung-joon triangulate to find each other, and he sees her first and pulls her around by the arm.

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I personally would rather forgo the syrupy mothering romance and let Shin Hyuk see if he can woo Hye Jin instead of being relegated dranafire the friend zone, but with only one episode left, I’m pretty much done, deflated, and bemused, but I blame the story writers. Agree on the positive messages.

Ha-ri calls her back, and asks if she still makes that crab porridge she loves. Back at her desk, Hye-jin turns her Onion Head around to the crying side, which Sung-joon notices.

The kiss scenes she seems nervous, when he smiles at her she is practically glowing, xhe when he is sad it affects her.