He knows it may be tough but he really wants to make an effort. I see a woman that want’s to do the right thing but the realization that her family is involved makes her hesitate. In return, Seung-hyun confronts Jung-woo about Yeo-jin. She can tell he sounds stressed and asks what is going on? My eyes seem to prefer him. I’m really starting to lose all interest in this show.

It doesn’t look like his goofiness will subside any time soon. Yang gets embarrassed and leaves. Anyway, I’m also not surprised there’s something like this, because, heck, why not? Honestly, their smugly smirks are too aggravating. I have a parenting book for sons. Jin Joo tells him to stop talking nonsense and keeps trying to call Doo Rim but her calls go straight to voicemail. Si Yi can see that something is bothering him and offers to talk.

After the restaurant incident I was hoping the dad would grow up some, but nope doesn’t look likely. Cancel reply Enter your comment here Totally agree with you about LMJ’s acting. It might have saved them the pain of divorce!

And as inscrutable as KNG is, one thing is clear – he’s willing to take everyone down in flames with him as part of his revenge scheme. Skip to primary content.

With that almost desperate “no” and “don’t”, it seemed as though Jung Woo was finally going to admit that he still has feelings for Ae Ra, and I waited a very long week to watch that momentous admission. We don’t see any interest from her side.

Sly and Single Again: Episode 11 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

I wanna see their delivery with CK opening his heart to SY and disclosing so much about himself. He says the nurse gave him an antibiotic that put him in shock. Hye Na tells them they should at least hear her out, she explains that she only wants to take over KangSan Group if she can do it well.


This episode was more dtamacrazy an introductory episode — or re-introductory, I suppose — to bring us up to speed on all the changes wrought over the past three years. The woman says without the baby, my children and I will die.

My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 11 | Carrotblossom Patch

Not much growth or change has occurred, except perhaps with Papa Lee. She finishes by telling him it’s all his fault and even sheds some tears. Okay, was NOT expecting this at all. Just get it over with already.

To me, overcoming your internal struggles to do the right thing is rather heroic. Thank You so much for the recap.

His teacher thanks him for being brave and fighting back sramacrazy tears as she hugs him. President Jiang calls Vivian in and tells her that Cheng Kuan car some time to make the right decision. She explains what happened to Dong Dramacrazu. Hye Na protests and the staff are forced to drag her away. Grandpa Jo wants time to think on it. Nothing major has to happen in each episode and I’ll still enjoy it.

My Fair Lady

Just Stop” blast from the past Although he explains how she can improve it, he just ends up just rewriting it for her. He was like a boxer dodging the expected rejection. The man says he can not take a week off from work.

I can now wait for the subs and move on to watching other things. Speaking of action, i’m glad that yi soo was going all undercover dressed in black although it was shortbecause i was thinking yay, he’s not just a man with plans, he’s a man with plans that carries out those plans, too.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Honestly, their smugly smirks are too aggravating. Mollee July 5, at 9: Episode 10 My Daughter Seo-young: KDaddict April 6, at 7: I’m getting chills from the brilliance this drama is. And they shouldn’t have had her reciprocate the hug.


Faye July 3, at I mean, I know takf. No one was being hurt and murdered until Yi Soo starts uncovering the evil? The search for justice should be commended. Si Yi points out that Cheng Kuan and Vivian are about to get engaged? In the end, nobody can save you if you don’t want to be saved or help yourself.

Three cheers for a K-drama heroine with a brain. In what way is Hae episodr suffering? Am i the only one feeling a bit disappointed with Doo Rim?? If she’d fulfilled her housewife dream and been the support figure for JungWoos civil service career, she would have probably been Queen of Housewives 2. The last scene rocked me. Though Joo Sang Wook is freaking hilarious in the role and JW has actually endeared himself to me now that he’s a childish dork of a character who obviously won’t admit he likes AR.

Typically, the K-dramas wait until the 11th hour for the characters to cop on to the big reveal – here they did it in the 11th episode! She’s short-tempered, she is really harsh with people dramacrazt she’s had enough, and that makes her real. I can only hope. Next thing we see is Cheng Kuan running through the yard playing with his lighted fairy stick and hooting and hollering like a kid.

This episode has quite a few cringe moments for me. Yang thanks Young O for helping him be a good doctor to his friend. I thought it was kind of a WTF moment, but did not really get too excited about it because it is pretty obvious at this point that he is just filling a character slot and has absolutely no real chance with Ae Ra.