She has established a career in the Urdu television industry and has received seven Hum Award nominations. Mayer falls in love with her whom he had once met, meeshas step sister lies to Mayer saying that she is the girl whom he had met and fell in love with and tries to make him fall for her. The economy expanded in the 17th century in the Mughal empire, in the midth century, the subcontinent came under British East India Company rule, and in the midth under British crown rule. Nargis Rasheed as Batool, a servant in Yacoobs household. Standing Buddha from Gandhara. Stage drawing from a 15th-century vernacular morality play The Castle of Perseverance as found in the Macro Manuscript.

Owing to interaction with other languages, Urdu has become localized wherever it is spoken, similarly, the Urdu spoken in India can also be distinguished into many dialects like Dakhni of South India, and Khariboli of the Punjab region since recent times. Zaidi is widely active in media and appeared in talkshows often. Zoya this particular next-door friend concurs with to adopt requirement of the child. Views Read View source View history. Ayesha Omer is a Pakistani actress, model, singer and painter. Amma Bi is very particular about her food specially the taste that it carries, to her food means culture and in this matter she is somewhat old fashioned and stubborn. Retrieved 6 April Standing Buddha from Gandhara.

He was highly appreciated for his acting skills and powerful moments with the likes of Sania Saeed, Salman Shahid.

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Pakistan is a signatory to the Kyoto Lasy, the Paris Agreement, the name Pakistan literally means land of the pure in Urdu and Persian. Please choose report reason carefully and enter your message which will be emailed to the uploader and will be displayed on video page as well.

He accepted the offer and commenced his journey to the land of acting, Hassan is also set to making his film debut in Shoaib Khans upcoming film ,ohallay where he will play the lead male character opposite lead female Sanam Chaudhry. It is the one of the highest-rated Pakistani television series, the drama is a modern retelling of Cinderella story.


Hardship of Meesha begins as meher and her daughters treat her ill, one day a person passes near their home announcing inauguration of carnival festival. The episode starts with a girl, Meesha who has a horrible dream. He worked there for about a year when was offered a shot in Dubai.


Urdu — Urdu is a persianized standard register of episodr Hindustani language. The opening title screen for Hum Tum. The story is about Meesha who lives with her two sisters and step mother. Shaikh Fasih Uddin Cast: This page was last edited on 20 Februaryat It is the language and lingua franca of Pakistan. Radio drama has been used in both senses—originally transmitted in a performance, it has also been used to describe the more high-brow.

The drama serial was shot in New York City and Lahore. Notify user via Email. Umer is six years older than Oi and adores her like a little sister, but Shahla fancies him and tries to show him her feelings time and again by making him Biryani and many other delicious dishes. She is also among the highest-paid actresses of Pakistani television. Retrieved 6 April It began airing from 19 February on Hum TV. Heartbreak can can be control by putting revenge.

Saras father-in-law is also supportive of her, but soon Sara loses his support too, after two years of marriage and household chores Sara talks to Umer about taking up a day job.

Taxila had one of the earliest universities and centres of education in the world. She has established mhoallay as one of the most popular and in-demand actresses of Pakistan. She gained wider recognition for portraying a range of characters in the dramas MausamMadawaGuzaarishand JugnooKaanch Ki GuriyaParas and Aap ki Kaneezsome of which garnered her several Best Actress nominations. Retrieved February 3, Video contains repulsive violation Video contains sexual content Video is pending for moderation.

View online Urdu 1 dramas. Please enter your Password for confirmation. The first time Sara cooks meal, Umers mother calls badly cooked in front of Shahla who doesnt stop bringing meal from her house for Umer and his family, Umer who loved Shahlas food prefers having his wifes meal that night.


A promotional image of Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan. Shahla, who has been engaged recently, pours oil on the fire, one day she brings Qorma for Umer but he is not at home. As a result of the Pakistan Movement led by Muhammad Ali Jinnah and it is an ethnically and linguistically diverse country, with a similarly diverse geography and wildlife.

Anthology romantic series, Episodic appearance. Her cousin Rani is keen to change her luck. Even the food is not the same, but Sara adjusts to the new environment in a mature way and doesnt through tantrums or make demands to her husband. Afraid, she goes to her grandmother, Dado and tells her about the dream, Dado interprets the dream as a bad omen. He has appeared in dozens of Pakistani television dramas and limited number of films, and earned numerous accolades, including Lux Style Awards and ARY Film Awards Saeed Enjoys substantial fan mohallaay in Pakistan since the beginning of his career and was often past amongst the highest paid TV actors of his time.

He decides to go back at Qudsiyas place and he goes there and stays there. A slight mistake in the proportions of spices is a crime without pardon for her daughters-in-law. It is also a member of CERN. She is mistreated by her mother and does all the house hold work. Humayun Saeed is a Pakistani actor and producer. Later that year, she released her hit duet single Jana i miss you along with her elder sister, Parisa Farooq. The Pakistani Dramas online. Bashar Momin has been lwst categorized due mohalkay its explicit genres of jealousy, love, hatred, romance, BM is the most expensive drama ever made in Pakistan.