During the brief period of time in which the Tazelwurm had Lee’s phone someone programmed in a series of numbers, a locker number and combination. During the day, Cam has flashbacks of himself being bullied in the past. Barrage knows that the teachers were clones and keeps them in their recharge pods until they’re normal, while Biffy and Lee sneak in to the clone room. Finnwich keeps the book, uses a viewing device to read it, and orders the group to go. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Lee then starts a search for Lynch. Biffy shows Lee the teachers’ lounge and try to investigate.

Jenny had also found a book in the library they thought might tell them how to use a whisker but the book was locked. Lee escapes and finds lynch’s wallet with the address to his home. Lee and the gang sneak into the submarine by letting Cam distract the Hazmats, but accidentally breaks his phone when Brandy calls him, and the submarine takes off. Meanwhile, the school tries to propose a theme for the school dance, Tina and Brad suggest a “Save the Rainforests” dance, to make the dance a bit romantic, for Tina whose secretly planning to dance with Lee. Inside said locker Lee finds his original bag from the day one prank. While Lee has failed to find Radcircles, he vows to him in a email that he will find him.

Kimmie subtly tells Brandy she’s onto her and Cam eventually goes out to Brandy’s place to help.

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At home, Lee is informed about the book by both Tina and Jenny. Cassandra arrives at the scene and orders Finnwich to give her answers about the pyramid, and Lee and his family, by the next day.

Victoria tells Lee to frame Barrage so that people think he’s evil. Tina arrives back with the rest of the gang with Lynch, and they go see Finnwich. Cam calls off the concert by detentiknaire the students that the fence is good after all.

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He takes her to the woods and leaves her as a storm hits to investigate something in the bushes. Having collected a photo of the hand of suspect number one Lee enhances it and discovers that the suspect is wearing a A.

Grayson tells Cam he cannot find a fingerprint match and all but Cam and Cyrus had quit what they love. Meanwhile, the school tries to propose a theme for the school dance, Tina and Brad suggest a “Save the Rainforests” dance, to make the dance a bit romantic, for Tina whose secretly planning to dance with Lee.


Nigma high that will unquestionably frame Lee, but it’s discovered too late that this is a distraction for the group to steal Barrage’s leg and plant it in Lee’s locker. Chaz Moneranian 21 episodes, Helene Joy Lee chases the Tazelwurm to an underground laboratory, where he learns the Prank Song was developed there. The dance continues and Lee manages ask Tina to the dance.

Biffy continues to refuse to speak with Lee.

While there, Lee gets trapped in a room and Lynch disappears. They discover a pyramid under the cafeteria, which is detentionaore by a large group of blue tazulwurms and are saved by the tazulwurm.

When Lee and Biffy get to the building, they are invited into Mr. Lee feels jealous of Brad kissing Tina and tells Biffy to try harder at cracking Radcircle’s phone. Biffy is at Kimmie’s home, only to be confronted by Cassandra who invites him in for brunch. During this, Brandy confronts Lee about his love triangle with Tina and Jenny. The episode picks up where the previous left off, the pyramid opens revealing symbols.

Lee and the three flee to the Serpent’s hideout, while the Serpent takes out Cassandra’ soldiers. The parents council try everything they can to open the pyramid but they fail. The schools fails to pass but is given a second chance. In a Sub plot Holger, Camilio, Brandy, and Chaz are attempting to escape the school before the flu turn them into “Zombies” too, and Principal Barrage does battle with 554 old enemy “Colonel Von Virus”.

Holger is put in charge of his class, which happens to be where Chaz’s Corner is being held. Victoria tells Lee that she used to be a government officer, whose group was eliminated by Barrage, also a government officer. Detentioaire Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission. Kimmie is voted the leader again, Cam arriving right after voting ends and Brandy is kicked out of the Glamazons detentuonaire voting for herself and insulting Kimmie afterwards.

After two chances, Lee fails to escape the detention room and his punishment is permanent. After seeing this, Biffy and Lee decide to get a teacher to trigger the machines in the lounge. Lee and Biffy decide to go to Brandy’s apartment building to find the teachers. Meanwhile, Cam and Cyrus, a DOD member, are blackmailed into singing a duet together to prevent further threats, otherwise the blackmailer will tell Barrage that they both tried to cheat.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Radcircles has a plan to get Lee expelled, to this end Lee is forced to send Camilio in undercover. The Serpent appears at the school to get a sample of Lee’s hair during the outbreak’s screening process. At school, Barrage offers a free ‘A-‘ if a student captures the Tazelwurm. At Tina’s encouragement, Lee secretly follows anyway. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Due to this, all the students are given an detenitonaire to do until the teachers are back.

As Lee wonders how the Council is always a step ahead, the bugging device continues to operate in his room.


Barrage arrives and gives Lee, Biffy, Tina and Jenny detention for being seconds late to class. He explains that during the events of “Friday Nights Bites” Holger discovered a series of underground tunnels connecting the school and Brandy’s apartment. There he learns the identity of those that composed the music for the Prank, the Dudes of Darkness, which has a hypnotic effect on the other party goers.

Camillio Martinez 27 episodes, Back at home, the robo-babies secretly plant bugging devices in each of their owners’ homes. Chaz get suspended from the news desk. They find two council members preparing to implant a memory chip to find out where the key is. Blompkins is fired, and Tina and Holger are released by Lee. He is eventually assisted by the red tazulwurm to find a Hazmat head, sneak in and out to get back to the group. Lee tries to tell the inspector that Barrage is evil but is rejected and is declared the reason for why the school isn’t perfect, so epiosde is expelled.

While at home and after watching fll large amounts of footage Holger discovers that the only person to have bought a bag like Lee’s was none other than Camillio.

As a surprise, the Serpent arrives and gives Jenny her bike back after it was lost and they go on a ride together to make up for him leaving episodde afraid. Nigma High, though some people think it is part of an alien invasion, so they attempt to flee. The episode ends with Lee preparing to discover the secrets of Radcircles.