The leader has a thing for Su-ah too, which, naturally, complicates matters. At the same time, it will look into struggles divorced couples would have to go through. Lee Bo Ram – chuh eum geu ja ri eh 2. Title Shuffle Humming 4. Another Miss Oh[1] Hangul: He has earned an MBA aboard and is working as a fund manager. Choi Ro-woon born February 16, is a South Korean child actor.

Anyone who posts these kind of requests, spam or break any of Soompi forum rules will be reported to the mods immediately without any warning given. He has earned an MBA aboard and is working as a fund manager. Jo Sung Hee Cinematographer: He hates violence, which ties back to his father. Season 2 was first released the pilot on February 14, , then began officially airing on May 5, , ended on June 21, , and had episodes. January 14, Runtime:

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Struggling actor Uhm Tae-woong was unsure which college course to take, so he episod joined Kyungmin College’s theater department because his crush was there. Sign In Sign Up. His parents think Dongnae is the best school in the neighborhood, not realizing its reputation for being the Crap Tank, so Kyung-jong keeps that a secret from them, and ends up transferring to Jungsang.

January 14, Episoode The only thing left on her “to do” list is finding a right guy.


I haven’t seen him in a drama since ChunHyang and he was great in it. Resident Live Blog Recap by falloutjane.

First 6 Episodes Impressions: Are you the publisher? A Japanese remake of this drama aired dellghtful Japan in with the title Ikemen desu ne[1] and included a cameo appearance by Jang Keun-suk in episode 8 as himself.

She received considerable attention and numerous awards for her success in the part.

Posted April 2, Years later, Mi-nam becomes a music idol and Mi-nyeo lives in a junior nun dorm to fulfill her dream of becoming a nun. Keep birthday celebrations out of thread topics unless it pertains to the stars of the thread involved.

Gir, 7th, Starring: At first, Tae-kyung is against Mi-nam’s addition and makes her life hard, while Shin-woo and Jeremy are friendly to her.

In addition, she would even give up part of her life for the sake of her sweetheart. Do You Believe in Destiny? Forever – Why I want to see Jae Hee.

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South Korea Official website: Dar-ui yeon-in – Bobogyeongsim ryeo; MR: Translate or provide romanizations for foreign-language related material into English.

Eye Candy Korean Title: Synopsis Set against the backdrop of political maneuverings in Joseon between different factions, namely those led by King Jeongjo, by the Qing ambassador, by the Japanese swordsman Kenzo, and the assassin’s guild Heuksa Chorong, the series is a coming-of-age drama about brotherhood, friendship, loyalty and honor. By using delighfful site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He is described as the second hyahg of the 24th king Dongseong.


Mal Soon is an old widow who managed to raise her only son to become a professor at National University. Im Se-mi born May delightufl, is a South Korean actress. Member feedback about Park Joo-mi: Based on the bestselling historical fiction novel by Lee Hyant that took artistic license with the premise that perhaps the Joseon painter Shin Yun-bok had really been a woman,[1][2][3] it centers on Yun-bok, a talented young painter who disguises herself as a boy to search for her father’s murderer.

Ga-Bi Son Ga-In is the youngest among the musketeers and excels at fighting. What’s the secret behind the wild boy? However, she can be menacing to those she doesn’t like, for instance, her stepmother and stepbrother. Please respect each others’ difference of opinions.