Thus, rather than our values being stored in a one-dimensional list, we could put them in a two-dimensional table where the columns are the azimuth angles, and the rows are the radii: This way you get axis grid lines. I would like them to appear in white. I’d like to ask, if it is possible to create a contour graph using polar coordinates? You may receive emails, depending on your notification preferences. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

You should be able to do this by repeating the data for angle 0 at angle 2pi: Email Required, but never shown. My goal is to simply plot a limacon equation determined by the user when asked for a, b, and their choice of a sin or cos function. I would like to create a contour plot on polar axes similar to the plots produced by the POLAR function. How do I create a contour plot in polar coordinates? August 8, at 1: Thanks, that solved the problem. Direct link to this comment:

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Simple really, you just create some polar axes and plot a contour plot on them: If not, matplitlib someone give me some pointers about how to implement it? Thanks, that solved the problem.

Thanks a lot for posting this. Still, I have managed to find a fairly nice way matplotlbi doing this using my plotting package of choice: You convert things to radians, but then use the values in degrees when you plot.

If you could vectorize things to work with an array instead coordinates a single value, you’d probably see a speedup.


As a quick example: I work with computational chemistry and performed a potential energy surface scan of a small 3 atomic molecule, where I was coordinatez one bond at different angles.

Thanks, this is a good write up. It has a python version too. Select the China site in Chinese or English for best site performance.

matplotlib – users – contours & polar?

Happy 7th Birthday Blog! To plot a polar contour plot you need to have three pieces of information for each point on the graph: This is still roughly 4x faster than a polar contour as above, but the output ends up looking pretty similar.

This is designed to work nicely with data that is produced using a loop as follows: Search everywhere only in this topic. All you need to do to use these is call them from the axes object: In reply to this post by Petr Danecek.

I’ve found various resources on the matplotoib, a I can’t seem to get my code to work and b many of the resources appear rather old, and I’m wondering if there is a better way now.

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Some of the annotations may be obscured when the contour plot is drawn. Free forum by Nabble. On Thu, at This way you get axis grid lines. Is there any chance to bring the polar contour plot to 3D to make cylindrical plot?


contours & polar?

Just one quick query – if that’s ok. Sign in to answer this question.

First of all, lets think of the dimensions: August 31, at 4: Radius Theta Value 10 0 0. I’d like to ask, if it is possible to create a contour graph using polar coordinates? I’m trying to plot a polar contour plot in matplotlib. And the being each th step. I can plot them 3D in Cartesian coordinates, but the plot is not as easily readable as if it was plotted in cylindrical coordinates. Joe Kington Joe Kington k 41 March 8, at 8: I’m not sure why I get this, as both x and y are 2D.

3D surface with polar coordinates — Matplotlib documentation

If you find that these lines of code give an error you need to update your matplotlib version — these methods were only added in the latest version v1. My data set is defined in R, coorrinates coordinates. Direct link to this answer: August 21, at In fact, the first question was asked by me last year — and got an answer which is now completely out of date.

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