In Episode 24, Chugga has no enthusiasm for playing the weapon of the day, the Luna Blaster, as he says he’s a terrible player with said weapon. Ivysaur then proceeded to clean up house and take on both Kadabra and Charmeleon Potion-assisted for the latter, but still , defeating them both despite the major type disadvantage. Suddenly, Ash’s methods of winning don’t seem too Farfetch’d. Giygas chuggaaconroy 4 months ago. Before that, Terrabite managing to beat down all of Caitlin’s team even when Sigilyph hit him with an Ice Beam. Meanwhile in Black, “:

Mother 3 – Chapter 4 – Episode 7 chuggaaconroy 10 years ago. He only didn’t because Fury Attack doesn’t have the best accuracy. Episode 28 – Emulating Pokey’s dad, Emile busts out a perfect, disturbingly realistic maniacal laugh. He tanked an attack that he wasn’t built for! After failing once to beat Miror B. Another awesome moment comes against Brycen, where the Cryogonal now named Hex takes a critical Slash from his Beartic with only 6 HP before being able to take it down. Pretty much all of her stats are at least good if not great, but the real star is her Special Attack IV:

Speaking of Episoed, st the Pansear gets one by winning a pretty close match against him. To those of you who don’t understand why catching Latias and Groudon in Nest Balls is a reason to celebrate and for Chuggaconroy’s voice to go as high as it did: The fight against Chuck has quite a chuggaqconroy of these: Ivysaur’s basically been sweeping the first three Gym Leaders, but his fight against Lt.

Chugga said this was the game’s way of patting him on the back for having to record the video four times. Uand of course, this game. Chugga sends out Moegami in the Verdanturf battle tent. Watching a starter reach her final stage has never felt so good!

Mother 3 – Chapter 4 – Episode 6 – VideoClip

Hell, the entire M3 LP, mostly due to it not being released in Americaand also because you can hear him crying during Chapter 6. The fourth one deserves special mention; Ottawa almost got taken out by a Leaf Tornado, and then proceeded to finish him with a Fury Cutter before Sandstorm took out its remaining health.


The Waterwraith was approaching. And the one he missed? Electrode has a height of 3’11 and a weight of Every fight with a Wollywog has been a Moment of Awesome – especially the one where the Wollywog seemed to land on his Pikmin, but just barely missed. Mother 3 – Chapter 5 – Episode 1 chuggaaconroy 10 years ago.

Mother 3 – Chapter 4 – Episode 6

Despite a Double Team boost, Ivysaur manages to land every single hit. In the fight against Brock, we get this bit against Kabutops: He revealed through his Twitter and Facebook pages that this occurrence legitimately caused him to lose his voice and sidelined him from recording for a few days.

Haywire the Blitzle had amazing luck with her match against Lenora’s Herdier, scoring a flawless K. Especially his very convincing voice acting for Porky. He even tanks a few hits from Druddigon and poisons it before Dragon Tail forces a switch to Ottawa. The crowner, however, happens to be against Slaking; both Acooltent and Altair managed to pull their own, the former making epislde hit itself after fainting, and the latter hanging on to finish it thanks to Steel Wing boosting his chatper somewhat beefy defense.

Allegedly, the first recording had all the balls miss. Soloing the entire Driftveil gym and one-shotting Clay’s Krokorok aren’t too surprising considering mothre type advantage, but she managed to take out the much faster and stronger Excadrill without taking any damage. The glorious moment is shown here.

Chuggaaconroy / Awesome – TV Tropes

The first of the holidays is New Year’s Day, meaning the very next day. She then manages to take down Sabrina’s Kadabra and Mr. Grimsley’s Bisharp gets one for delivering a Curb-Stomp Battle to Hilbert and Haywire, the latter especially due to surviving a critical hit with low health.


Then a similar instance in Chapter 3, where he uses a lightning bolt to blast a bunch of Blomebas.

On his first take. The fight against Lance has quite a few of these, such as Odairu taking on Lance’s Gyarados and utterly destroying two of Lance’s Dragonite by freezing them with Ice Punch, Vui managing to get the third and strongest Dragonite into constantly hitting itself, and Volvagia hanging on with 10 HP and taking out Aerodactyl.

And she wasn’t even at full health at the time, chapyer she could take just as much punishment. It was enough to earn Emile’s respect, and even made him reconsider his nickname specifically, to Salsa. He also would have evolved if Chugga didn’t want him to learn Aerial Ace.

Mother 3 – Chapter 7 – Episode 10

He tanked an attack that he wasn’t built for! Roary’s first battle as an Arcanine involved a Koffing Self-Destructing chuggaacongoy the first turn in fearthen cjapter a second Koffing! Shortly after that, he proceeds to take down Cheren’s Liepard and Panpour all by himself. Had he made the last shot, he would have beaten the boss within seconds of a game over.

Emile had been having issues with his capture card, so he wasn’t able to record episodes as soon as he wanted to.

Ottawa’s back in capter spotlight with a bang. With no other option, Emile has Ottawa go for Aqua Jet for chip damage In episode 98, he has a hard time against Dragon King Alcar.

Anyone who’s played the game will know just how utterly massive that task is.