I say this because I found myself humming in understanding when I finally made sense of his “everything needs to be more expensive” business plan thingy. Se-kyung insists that he did not send her, that she came on her own because she has faith In-chan will return. You have a good plan for her there. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: It creates numerous adventures and, of course, a lot of romance. I am starting to like In-hwa.

He’s taking meds, he’s childish in an adorable manner and to an extent, egotistical and admittedly wise when it comes to the women of the world that care more about fashion, money and arm-candy than they do actual love or passion for their job or even their husbands. So in theory it’s possible that Se-Kyung’s designs are awesome but she’s not able to turn them in to real life clothes herself. So he’ll be apparently aware of her machinations, which will be fun to watch. Yes, someone asked where over the top fashion is coming from. After the initial shock of seeing Se-kyung in the company, Yoon-joo greets her like an old friend. And I don’t think it’s a case of “noble idiocy” because he wants to break up as much for her as for his own emotional well being and sense of self worth. Seung-jo is called out in the middle of his work to resolve the issue.

And so is In-hwa. Episode 5 by TeriYaki.

However emotionally speaking her previous marriage naturally counts and I could very well understand her husband being very disappointed if he found out about it.

There are some awesome spoiler pictures on page I’ll forgive most any crime ceongdamdong a dying mom. Seung-jo is falling further for her but that was pretty much the content of ep.

Down the Rabbit Hole: Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 3 and 4

CaroleMcDonnell December 5, at 2: Aaaaaaaaargh I wish In-Hwa was the second lead instead of her sister in-law, that woman has no appeal whatsoever You wouldn’t marry a girl just because she’s pretty, but my goodness, doesn’t it help? Lets be honest, most of them have no education and nobody recognized them before the CEO giving them a chance and a job to show how talented they are.


I really liked ep 2. Not the Kill Bill theme – it’s the instrumental song that begins when SJ is holding the recording pen in his hand in the car. This actually reminds me of Lorelei Lee from Gentlemen Prefer Blonds and especially of her speech to her future father-in-law: Episode 12 by LollyPip. Gu Family Book Episode….

OMG I just love the clothing, I find it so whimsical. I really think PSH’s character has mental problems, but enjoying his shennanigans already! Ah, the pining heart of love!

They cannot afford to have someone selling their products at half the price. Ok, I just watched the episode myself and here are my five cents I highly recommend it for you to watch also.

I would do that with the episodes for CA if there was such a blog. Geeme Koon February dramacazy, at 5: Although, I do think that in order to succeed one must be able to do both.

But to cheonggdamdong, it looks like Seung-jo needs to have his faith in love and choengdamdong or humanity more like restored. Pam, I am heart broken, I just finished finally episode 7 as I had a bit of a shaky view in Australia. It veers between light comedy and darkness and I am kind of reeling from the swift changes in mood. We are given a few more details in this episode as the Revenge Merry-Go-Round takes off!

Like if he is the first to marry someone for her money and all.

I thought one week was long to wait for a new episode but two? It’s like Alice in Cheongdam-dong is Jae Hee’s side of the story, lol.

I wonder if the scriptwriter is saying that the dream of marrying a CEO is drama-fantasy and he’s gonna skewer it? As earlier posters have pointed out, when you are poor, you don’t have a lot of options. By episode 4, Se-kyung and Yoon-joo have entered into an interesting mentorship, founded by a threat but leading to mutual understanding and respect.


Down the Rabbit Hole: Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 3 and 4 | Scattered Joonni

What acting on her part! Se-kyung helps pick out some more luxury items for Yoon-joo and arrives at the apartment to find it bustling with movers. I wonder if any of you have been poor before, i mean really poor i’ve been dirt poor – you’ve got to experience poor before you can know and can feel what SK and in chan is going thru.

I know it’s politically incorrect to say this or think like this but no can do, this is what I think. Yes, I said it. Lilly December 4, at 3: Yoon-joo turns on her: By the end of the drama, Yoon-joo was my favorite character. As of now, the second male lead has not appeared yet.

My state of mind is as volatile as CSJ and my parents are starting to think that it is due to my lack of sleep. One never knows in k-drama wonderland. Jealousy Incarnate watch here.

Because the latter seems like a bigger deal to me. Seung-jo is skeptical — did In-chan say himself that he was going to return, and did she see him?

Lee Young is the Crown Prince of Joseon Dynasty who likes to break away from his routine life in the palace. Fafa December 4, at 2: MGY still looks too young for me. Background of the drama is set around a private institute for people preparing for their civil service cramacrazy in Noryangjin, Seoul, South Korea. Pam have you been to Korea?