Cast – Cheongdam-dong Alice. I never moved on from getting raw videos as well as the synced softsubs, although admittedly streaming sites like viiki makes life easier. I wish they did a better job negotiating licenses or the show owners need to understand they are doing themselves an injustice by playing hard to get or pricing themselves too high. Pity we can’t name names. Ahhh, that explains a lot. I’m a QC on viki and I know I haven’t contributed because of exams though, so that’s entirely possible.

I’m so confused about that have been battling it out. The accessability is a JOKE in germany. Not necessarily the well-executed or well-written dramas, but ones based on popularity of the cast. If I can think of any tips I’ll let you know. Namely Spring Day subbing which seriously sucks. PL October 12, at 3:

That makes me feel like viki does not care about the quality of their site, as they proclaim they do, or at least as we are let to believe. I don’t watch through Viki, DF, or Hulu, the internet connection here is slow, I would pull my hair out. Noelle October 11, at 8: Unfortunately, I have had a horrible experience with viki as well, and I have been a paid subscriber, for quite a while now.

In a recent interview, Go Bo-gyeol said, “We didn’t meet much in the drama but she took care of me when we did, The team is always working on ways to get more episoode up on Viki.

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Unfortunately DF hasn’t gotten much better. You’re reading the news with potential spoilersmake them spoiler freedismiss. Auntiemame October 12, at 1: Lee Yoong said, “You’ll get pruned if you go back in”, As kanz has already said, I also use subtitle edit.

I have been waiting for over two years but haven’t watched that drama on DF. If u do not sign in to account – only the Free to Air Drama option shows on their site. Lee Dong-gun is currently in the drama “Queen for 7 Days”.


Pptv, Tudou etc all have the same problem for cheongamdong as the end subs – wrong region!

And I know everyone is tryna search up subs for Bad Guy right now which I’m surprised hasn’t gotten picked up because Park Hae Jin is in it and I am of the opinion that he’s quite popular now. After some observation i am an IT person – i saw the difference. From fantasy to time travel to thriller to court room, has delivered and now it’s time to hear what you thought of the year’s offerings. I don’t speak Korean, however, I find it suspicious when the characters talk for a long time, and I only get a few words in English, regarding what they said.

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And now, let’s take a look at the nominees for “Best Drama ofSince productions earn a lot of loot from international fans, I hope they can make an effort to make it easier for fans. Yes Darksmurf subs are fine but they are way way behind the actual drama that’s airing. My last complaint written 2 or 3 weeks ago has still not gotten an answer. Just a heads up about Hola Sue October 12, at 2: It would be nice to get more detailed subtitles, imho. You’ve cast your vote and determined the best of the best, Cast – Cheongdam-dong Alice.

On daily and weekend dramas: Or design or make changes on the cover page. Or at least I hope they do. Thanks a lot though for your help!

Cheongdam-dong Alice

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For me, I’m okay with that ending but my mom said, “Is that the ending already? I thought it meant that they would eventually carry that drama. They carry korean, japanese, hong kong, taiwanese dramas and movies.

Aigoooo October 12, at They are pretty good about uploading raw videos and then later adding the subs which they get from other sites such as DF, DSS, etc. KDaddict October 12, at 2: Which sort of dampens the impact since those nuances are the DUN DUN that the viewers are supposed to hang onto for suspense.

I once complained about my lack of HD images, though I was a subscriber, and I had to vikj pictures of dramas for which the quality of the image was not good and images of scenes in dramas that were actually HD for me.

Jo October 12, at 1: Caroline, part II of my response: A new drama fan would particularly not have the patience to look for apice they aren’t so interested in seeing anyway. Mandarin language shows are hard to find subs for, yes!

Peridot October 12, at 6: A strong actress can carry a drama from beginning to end and had more than its fair share of giki women, making it a rich year for the leading ladies.

Ok I think this one is better coz his mouth is more open. You’re reading the news with potential spoilersmake them spoiler freedismiss [HanCinema Awards] Winners for the HanCinema Awards!