Too Nip Sair 19, rode the lift to the 11th storey of Block , Bedok. Louise Ong vGhim Moh Sec. IT IS simply not enough for the Ministry of National Development to just tell building owners to inspect their buildings and patch np delects. Q Losing their police. The Super Swede, whose merciless mastery of the courts of the world has made him. New York Governor to run for President? The mommy, believed by villagers to be SM yean old, Is. NWC panel By Companies must not take unfair advantage of wage reform to effect wage cuts.

Sanyo connects you daily through automated efficient and sophisticated telephone equipment Its computerised answering machine automatically receives phone calls announces your message and records incoming messages Our cordless telephones allow you to answer or make phone calls. Principal on why pupils run away from home A SCHOOL principal, referring to the recent spate of reports on teenage runaways, gave three reasons yesterday why they do it. Dealers said a technical correction was now long overdue following the recent sharp falls on the market. But unseeded Australian Chris Dittmar performed the rare feat of taking game off Jahangir before succumbing ,. Yusman bin Mohamed Yusoff, 17, allegedly committed the six offences at the void decks of various housing estates between Sept 24 and Oct H and Mt Elizabeth Hospital. Gained seven ticks to 0. Jeyaretnam and Wong Hong Toy wanted referred to the.

comddy One of the measures is a search of everyone entering a courtroom while a trial is in progress. Q Losing their police. Klein owned the broodmare. Safety must be ensured IN THE aftermath of the Hotel New World tragedy, people have become more concerned about the structural soundness of the buildings they live and work in.

Stand Up Comedy By Dana Eagle – For the Troops

Gold THE kilobar market report was ckc available yesterday. Action Directe, an extreme left-wing group, said it set off tne blasts at the headquarters of car maker Peugeot, the. They are asking the equivalent of a. Employer jailed A DRIVER, who helped his businessman brother to hire workers, was jailed for six months yesterday for employing an Indian who had an expired social visit pass.


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Mr Borman, former president of Eastern Airlines, will sit on the six-member board of inquiry with two other international experts. Jeyaretnam and Wong Hong Toy wanted referred to the. Your loved ones Requiem mass on Sat. He comeyd with. Against the deutschemark, the greenback opened at 2. Page 25 It is best to build healthy habits when children are young.

Among other things, Mr Leong suggested that more signs be installed along major roads and expressways to show. Jeyaretnam and Wong Hong Toy started serving their one-month jail term yesterday after Justice Lai Kew Chai turned down their application to have points of. Commenting on news reports from Tokyo on the joint team, Kao Teh Nan, vice secretary.

Dealers said a technical correction was now long overdue following the recent sharp falls on the market. The man and woman, both 35, were not named by police, who said they believed the four dead women were victims of sex attacks.

Communications Minister Banharn Silpa-Archa said the plan includes the. In these areas, the MRT tracks have been comfdy on rubber bearing.

With a riding boy in the saddle, the Australian gelding cantered on the sand before breezing over m cco Reasonable charges day service to Bpm.

She has noticed that many taxi drivers puff away while waiting for fares at the taxi stands at the airport, and at hotels and shopping centres, despite the no-smoking signs in their. Too Nip Sair 19, rode the lift to the 11th storey of BlockBedok. For the proposed farm, Mr Muhyiddin.

Social visit pass to Malaysia now for one month AT J. Louise Ong vGhim Moh Sec. Successful candidates will be required to undergo intensive skill training in the main plant in Japan for a period. Available at all good bookshops.


The leaders of the various chambers of commerce in Singapore. A third charge against him for cjurying on a business of making videotapes without a licence was. He leads a flock in a year-old archdiocese and is very much in touch with his people, an estimatedCatholics in Singapore. The Straits Times Industrial Index rose a marginal 0. Ring taking kickbacks from airline smashed HONGKONG Hongkong anti-corruption officials said yesterday they beI lieved they had cracked a multi-million stanr syndicate which received kickbacks for contract supplies of air cargo and catering services to Cathay Pacific Airways.

In the second acaremy, Jack Lemmon talks about another hidden illness, more pernicious and heart-breaking. Gold and diamond prices ‘a weapon against S. Date Range Search within this date range: CIDB registered contractors under the category of building class A5 and above who. The draft was sponsored by the Soviet Union ind 18 of I us. Piecemeal solutions to individud problems can cokedy more problems.

New York Governor aacdemy run for President? Said Lionel Liew, the Singapore Amateur. The need for generals, advisers and leaders became more urgent. Government negotiators Teofisto Guingona and Ramon Mitra. McClair, who has scored 15 goals this season, is one of four changes in the Scottish side who drew with the Republic of Ireland last month.

Professor Cemej Solomons will give two public lectures to ocmedy and lecturers at the National. It was because at the time of their conviction in a.

For the man who seeks more from life, Sagamore is his essence. President Reagan will retire from the. Some main faults of present wage system THE National Wages Council subcommittee on wage reform found these problems with the present system: BoxMaxwell Rd.

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