I just joined varsity theatre. But when I bring it up, I’m either made fun of, or told, “You should go pray about it. Thank you for sharing the light of Christ through what you do! We have a very Loving Heavenly Father all ways willing to share with us his children. I really liked Jason’s story, Mallory’s acting, and Stacy’s dance tips!! Do you have any advice for me? And every time I see a person sharing the video, take the opportunity to present the program and some of the gospel.

Thank you so so much for doing this, you guys are the best!!! I was able to watch this broadcast with my young adult children 18 and 23 last week. What is your favorite sketch that you have done? How can I feel the spirit in situations where I can’t leave, and the environment is pushing the spirit away? There are only 3 skates in all my state. Thank you for taking the time to share your testimonies and experiences with us. I want to work but can’t really work well in noisy places because of a disability.

I plan to publish a book I’m writing now in junior year. How do you stand up to your friends when they go against your beliefs?

I have a family member who is really sick, and basically her time is limited.

When ever I am sad or need a divinr, I go to studio c. I am type one diabetic. Someone we try to be like. Divins do you know how the scriptures are true? My close friends who used to be ok with my morals and accepted them, have started to reject them and accuse me of not being cool enough. At the same time, they could get more out of it if they had access to it in their own language.


My friends and I love to do sketches and we’d love to know.

Sometimes it’s hard for me to keep from not cussing because all my friends do. I don’t know if this question will be answered tonight, but I hope so. Matt and Jason how did you guys start up, Whitney and mallory how did you get the crew together?

Who is your role model? How did you balance studio dicine, college, the church, and other extracurricular activities?

Chris Hicks: Mormon comedies among family-friendly fare

What’s it like being the only African American in the group and usually the minority’s in the LDS church? I want to invite her to the ward Halloween party but I don’t want to over run her with invitations what should I do?

To add on to what Stephen said about being endlessly kind, You can burn bridges by saying things you don’t mean to say.

I want to be funny but most people don’t think that the jokes I say are funny.

FAIL – BYU Divine Comedy

Thank you so much! Great job and I’m soo glad you did this! In for the strength of youth, it talks about picking good true friends.

If there are, what are they? Do you have any advice on how to respond effectively? This isn’t super relevant but today is my sisters birthday! Watching this helps me sooooo much. I can do a really good lobster bisque voice.


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How did Matt meet him? I’m taking a couple APs in high school, combined with sports,and family, and I’m already swamped. Do you have any advice if I should go or what to tell her? Thus often leads me to think negatively about myself.

And how did you learn to get over the pain they caused you? What can I do to uplift myself even though I’m alone and better my attitude towards them? I’m so grateful for you guys coming together as a group. Also I am the only active young woman in my country. Two Mormon comedy discs lead off this collection of family-friendly Bloopes releases, most due in stores on Tuesday. In the sketch mother power you talk about the pains of pregnancy.

As a freshman in high comfdy how did you balance the church and all of the school activities? Hi I’m Jaren from Springfield Ccomedy. There are only comery skates in all my state. What does the “C” in Studio C stand for? Maybe they should call Mallory Elisabeth. Anyways, awesom More e to see this. Often I end up breaking down after I visit her. As a missionary, this was one of my spiritual experiences to watch.

For example, if something unexpectedly goes wrong?