No carbs in the morning. I was proud to have worked on such a huge Marvel project and have such a great experience. And when they finish making a movie together, Hanton revealed that Hemsworth has a very special way of saying thank you. We get on really well. Prince of Persia was very physically challenging in that it was very acrobatic heavy. Do you know what percentage of the film is actually you that the audience is seeing? Age of Ultron stunt double: Knees have gone before, neck—we take a lot of head reactions.

Cannot wait to see the finished article in November! Those Stormtrooper outfits are hard to even walk in, let alone do stunts in. Literally every day there was something to do. Throw back to one of our pout photo shoots just being Huntsman and stuff chrishemsworth whatever!!!! Chris Hemsworth – uncredited. I walked past him and said: Start your free trial. Obviously I used Band-Aid Advanced Healing to combat that [seamless plug] and make sure I can get back to jumping around like a crazed idiot as quick as possible.

I was a Snatcher running through the woods and I was also a Death Eater with a fake wand, doing a backflip over some stairs after I was hit with a spell.

The Sands of Time stunt double: A post shared by Bobby Holland Hanton bobbydazzler84 on Jul cilms, at 4: In addition to training, Hanton and Hemsworth have to eat eight meals every day when getting in shape to play Thor, even during filming. So, performers get to work in London, and get to learn the craft first hand.

That was my first ever high fall stunt. Then there was a second shot where I had to then tumble down the roof. It really depends on the performer. I constantly had to filmz on my toes, listening, focussing on safety. On Stranger Tides English Guard uncredited. Name of Yeppoon murder accused.


The downside of being Chris Hemsworth’s body double | Morning Bulletin

Ganton and herniated disks. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Create an account to gain access to more nzherald. Do you have a demo reel?

The downside of being Chris Hemsworth’s body double

Age of Ultron stunt double: I still train twice a day. Hanton, who is in Australia to promote Band-Aid Advanced Healing, raved about Hemsworth and described the down-to-earth star as the “ballsiest” actor he’s worked with. Sometinmes I have to pull him up and say: Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos. Everyone looks out for each other—looks after each other. We know what to expect now, where the costume can be rough on your body and stuff—so filming is pretty much standard now.

Purely one, because he can do it, and bobny probably does it better than anyone else. Cannot wait to see the finished article in November! Knees have gone before, neck—we take a lot of head reactions. Lifestyle Celebrate this year’s Queensland Women’s Week with art exhibitions that highlight the contribution of female artists in CQ.

An Exclusive Interview with Steve Lieberman.

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A post shared by Bobby Holland Hanton bobbydazzler84 on Feb 15, at For my first ever stunt on camera, I had to do a balcony jump at two in the morning in the slums of Banton Hanton told news. But golland recently we did Ragnarokstraight into Avengers 3 and Avengers 4so it was staying in Thor shape for the best part of a year-and-a-half and that was the biggest challenge to date so far,” he told news.

Name of Yeppoon murder accused 25th Feb 5: As a youth, he was skilled in gymnastics. Prince of Persia was after that and it was a good showcase for what I specialize in.


We Interview Bobby Holland Hanton, Chris Hemsworth’s Body Double & Stuntman Extraordinaire

Does your weight fluctuate? No carbs in the morning. Aside from being an incredible actor, Daniel Craig is a great driver. I had a couple of bad back injuries.

After that movie I went straight into Prince of Persia. When I walked out I was Batman. With a film like Thor, which is so filled with action and stunts, many people might not realise how much is actually you on screen. I think Daniel did a great job and he has done a great job in all of them. I was green then so it was really challenging.

Make sure their pads are where they need them, you rehearse everything with them. Going back to my first film, Quantum [of Solace]I golland a balcony jump in the slums of Panama. You trained for years in disciplines that included kickboxing, swimming, 10m high diving, gymnastics, trampolining, and scuba diving.

The Dark Knight Rises is also up there and helped propel my career in the right direction. For breakfast we might have something like scrambled eggs with steak and spinach.

Does stunt work have a generally accepted lifespan, as a career? Start your free trial. I was a Bpbby, which was a boyhood dream come true. You know, to be honest, Chris does let me do a fair amount.