Now Blood Is Thicker is a very deep book you can end up crying or laughing. All pf that money and new stuff that he had was from rapping late at night. He and his family moved in with his cousins. He was told that he had to s This book has a lot of drama an intense scenes. The only people he knew where his aunt, uncle and his cousin Savon. Hakeem then turned out to work with his unlce at a store that sells furniture and other house stuff. They didn’t get along because hakeem always thought Savon was a follower and he always did everything wrong. He then is forced to share a bedroom with his angry and sly cousin.

So when Hakeem got there him and his cousin didn’t get a long and his cousin Savon didn’t really get along with his parents either. Detroit is well known for good and bad parts of the city. Nov 18, Aaron Schroeder rated it liked it. And at the end of the story Hakeem and Savon start getting along and Hakeem gets to move back home and see Darcy and the rest of his old friends that he was missing. Now he can calm his feelings and relax and finally understand himself so he does not need the book anymore. Jan 09, Issac rated it it was amazing. This book has a lot of drama an intense scenes. Dec 01, John Jorgensen rated it liked it.

Jul 05, money swagg added it. These people would really like to read this book, because the theme of the story falls into place with the other Paul Langan books. Plot This book started in California where Hakeem grew up, but then had to move to Detroit, Michigan. Nov 18, Aaron Schroeder rated it liked it. Hakeem is a very smart boy and he is Bpuford boyfriend this story takes place in Detroit Blood Is Thicker! So Blood is thick is maybe if i remeber is the 8th book of the blueford serious.

When Hakeem got to Detroit, Texas he did not have any friends. Return to Book Page. Hakeem’s father has recently been diagnosed with cancer and i been undergoing treatments for several months.


After Hakeem tried to find out more about why Savon was always out of the house late at night. Once they got to Detroit it wasn’t what Hakeem expected.

Clearly I have read a lot of Bluford Series because I be so into them they are wonderful books. They were like the best friends back when they were smaller. So Blood is Thicker is down right a really great book. Sep 28, Aliyah rated it it was amazing.

See all 18 questions about Blood Is Thicker…. What is he going to do. React The part i think was really good is Hakeem’s father victory over cancer and he and his cousin Savon got along when he knew he wasn’t a criminal when he was just misunderstood because i was totally convinced that Savon was a criminal and had a terrible attitude toward his family when Hakeem discovered silver chains, new rap DVD’s and loads of cash, but he was just misunderstood and felt neglected by his father and he thought about how Hakeem’s a perfect student.

I found it in the library. Both boys and girls would enjoy this story. I think it was a jerk move to be mean like Savon was to Hakeem cause he was in a time of need, Hakeem didn’t move there because he wanted to.

He decided to get it back tomorrow so he ate dinner and went to sleep. The theme is just as the title says, the theme is blood is thicker. Anika is a slim and well fit girl who has all the guys wanting her.

Well now what is he going to do? Natalya The reason was because he always needed to record his thought because he would try to figure out what he was feeling, but now he has been through a …more The reason was because he always needed to record his thought because he would try to figure out what he was feeling, but now he has been through a lot when he moved to Detroit.

Blood Is Thicker (Bluford High, #8) by Paul Langan

But after all of that she said you know something i really do like him you were right but i just did want to say anything because i was scared that he was going to tell the hole school about it that was movle i did say anything to you or him about it because the really reason was I was scared that you guys were going to tell everybody in the school.


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I would have say that this was one of the best books that I had ever read before. Personal response This book started out kind of boring. When he moves there he leaves Darcy and his friends Tarah, Cooper, etc.

Hakeem was in trouble intil Savon found him and got him out and back to the house. She was his next door neighbor, her name was Anika. In the story right when Savon saw Hakeem, Savon was mean to him.

Blood Is Thicker

What was the reason hakeem used his notebook for in books ? He was told that he had to s This book has thickrr lot of drama an intense scenes. Hakeem knew many stores had been robbed except for the one that his uncle owned so he was suspicious about his cousin and how he was getting a lot of money without even working at his own dad’s store. The impact of all this was, Hakeem had to leave all of his friends behind. M blackwell they the book.

She noticed him when he was playing Gigh guitar to let his feelings out.

It took a little bite for the book to really get started and bring in other characters. When Hakeem was playing his guitar Savon came and started to tease him a little about him playing the guitar, then Savon’s friends start coming up the road which then Savon goes to. I think adults could get into this book and the series.