Add to My List. Maxey Whitehead as Marionette ep 7. Yutaka Aoyama as Megius. Titles Reported on Anime-on-Line Feb 3, This week brings us no big bombs Chris Patton as Valic. Takeshi Satou Chief Animation Director:

Misaki Sekiyama as Shrine Maiden ep Kazuomi Koga ep Altera, Birdy Cephon Main. Colleen Clinkenbeard Mix Engineer: Watch Birdy the Mighty: Chris Cason as Masakubo. Discuss in the forum, contribute to the Encyclopedia, build your own MyAnime lists, and more. Nov 23, 2:

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Birdy the Mighty Decode:02 (TV)

Ao Takahashi as Female Announcer ep 3. Ed Blaylock as Old Man Yoshida ep 9.

Decode – The Complete Series [S. However, Birdy, oblivious, attacks Geega and accidentally kills Senkawa. Still sharing a body, Space Federation officer Birdy Cephon Altera, and high schooler, Tsutomu Senkawa, are tasked with capturing the fugitives and bringing them to justice.

Decode – Part 1 DVD Now, Birdy and Senkawa must not only cohabitate the same body, but also balance Senkawa’s high school life, Rubbed Arita’s modeling career, and Birdy’s increasingly dangerous job as a Federation officer.

Nilvius All reviews 16 people found this review helpful. Bones’ Tokyo Magnitude 8. Sarah Alys Lindholm Executive producer: Kazushige Kanehira Assistant Animation Director: Assistant Chief Animation Director: This, however, is t Keita Onagaya Setting Production: Takeshi Katsurayama Executive producer: Kenji Hamada as Kashu Geeze.


Birdy heals him from imminent death in some fashion- but Senkawas body, and life, are now changed and permanently linked to Birdy. Colleen Clinkenbeard as Kaori Sanada. Most of these are comedy series because, well, when was cross-dressing, body-swapping, or whatever not the source of hilarity?

Viz and Kodansha have so many different series and there has to be a good amount that they aren’t making money on.

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Funimation’s Birdy the Mighty: Game Reviews Columns incl. Emi Takamura Sound Effects: Free Anime in AU update: Artemis 7 episodes eps 1, 10, Ryoko Shiraishi as Kazuyoshi Chigira Tasera.

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Please note that ‘Not yet aired’ titles are excluded. Kim Morrissy has our review straight from Japan.

Mikako Takahashi as Hazumi Senkawa. Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. Yutaka Izubuchi Design Collaboration: Takashi Oohara as Masakubo. Jamie Marchi as Hazumi Senkawa. Yoshinori Sayama Sound Director: More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Jennifer Seman as Violin. Justin Houston Assistant producer: Motoki Takagi as Masayuki Hazawa.


No, I’m not going back on Twitter to catch up on The Discourse, because that never ends well. Jerry Jewell as Lailalo.

Tetsuwan Birdy Decode (Birdy the Mighty: Decode) –

Shinjuku Private Eyes Feb 22, Tia Ballard as Kanae Kitamura. Kenichi Kutsuna ep 13 Shingo Yamashita ep 13 Editing: Todd Haberkorn as Satyajit Shyamalan. Micah Solusod as Tsutomu Senkawa. Kenichi Suzumura as Satyajit Shyamalan eps 2, 4.

Assistant Chief Animation Director: Mike McFarland as Boila ep 5. Wendy Powell as Irma. Orange Seven Animation Production: Add to My List.