Produced by Paolo Guerra. Selling to the BFI. In a series of numbers, theatrical and evocative moments, in a new scenic setting, Arturo relives his love for the seventh art. Arturo does magic, disappears, flies…. If we consider that the Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Diana are in the audience and the sister of the queen herself, Margareth, presents the evening, the heart beats really strong. The Ater Teatro is interested in the success of the enfant prodige Brachetti and produces this musical written by Arturo and Guido Davico Bonino.

Critics all over the world praised the show. Arturo revives through quick costume changes and make-up all the characters made famous by the actor such as the Phantom of the Opera, Quasimodo, Fu-Manchu, scary clowns and melancholic Pierrots. Then you can not miss this extraordinary live event! The master of quick-change. The transformation numbers were missing from the French scene for decades. God creating heaven on earth, Adam who invented the fire, Eve, the apple, Salome who strips down to the bone, Noah fishing live fish from the Ark etc. Art performs for the first time and before each other in a flight number: It starts with a traditional number, through a bizarre universe, winking humor, until he unleashes the unusual:

Triumphal tour in Austria and Germany in the major theaters and Stadthalle. A show with amazing effects that provide an evening of magical dreams as well, that can happen!

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The work, in fact, committed Arturo for two months. Among the farce and the Grand Guignol the comic mechanism is exhilarating thanks to the skill of Monica Scattini and Roberto Citran. A group of tourists visits a long-ago abandoned theater that it going to be torn down to make way for a supermarket very soon.

The master of quick-change. Watch films on BFI Player. Based on a true story, it tells the story of Mr. Art dreams to kill the mother by sawing her in two photoin another scene you imagine a meeting in heaven where the dancers-clouds move around the mother who hovers in flight to kiss his son.


Critics all over the world praised the show. Sketches depart from the longest, three twins in the womb to get to the shortest, the famous beer bottle of Tafazzi. Golden Ticket Award for highest number of tickets sold in the theater seasonThis slightly dark musical is definitely one of the most successful shows of Arturo and the director Saverio Marconi. Since Arturo is in the Guinness World Records as the fastest quick-change artist in the world and as the only quick-change artist to perform 80 transformations in a two-hours show.

Production by Ater Teatro. Back to the top. From here on his career is unstoppablein a continuous crescendo that has established itself as one of the few Italian artists of international level, with a solid reputation outside of our country. Read research data and market intelligence. An evening with the memories and imagination that Arturo shares with his audience, starting from the beginning and the first magic numbers up to meetings with some of the most talented artists known in his long national and international career.

Scenes by Pierre Simonini, music by F.

In many countries he is considered a living legend in the world of theater and visual performing art. Main navigation for mobiles. Other actors and a dance crew of 16 dancers. Arturo plays in fact Arturo, an ambiguous and magical individual perhaps a human being, maybe a ghost, androgynous and diabolic.

Find out about booking film programmes internationally. British certification and tax relief. On the empty stage of the Teatro Argentina the characters appear as if they were rehearsing: He is also an attentive and passionate Director and artistic directorable to range from comic theater to musicalsfrom magic to variety shows.


Italian version of the famous Broadway play that was interpreted in London by Antony Hotpkins and later became a film starring Jeremy Irons. Lo spettacolo resta in cartellone per due stagioni aprendo ad Arturo la porta sul teatro di prosa. He won numerous awards and accolades.

At the end of this absurd game it is discovered that the psychologist is actually Arturo. On stage, the inevitable presence of Silvana Fallisi. Gallimard Tognazzithe French ambassador in Beijing in the 70s, whose lover is a charming Chinese woman; after twenty years he discovers that it is not only a man, but it is also a spy hired by the Maoist government.

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After years of vaudeville Arturo confronts a great classic in a rave version of the famous Shakespearean play. A divertissement on filmmaking. Directed by John Dexter.

Costumes by Patrizia Bongiovanni. It starts with a traditional number, through a bizarre universe, winking humor, until he unleashes the unusual: Guinness World Record Since Arturo is in the Guinness World Records as the fastest quick-change artist in the world and as the biancamaeia quick-change artist to perform 80 transformations in a two-hours show.

Biancamaria Lelli

After the tour in France, Switzerland and Belgium the show landed in in various US cities, and in Italy from to Verbal clashes and truth games are alternated with musical interludes, choreographic or magic numbers, the Oedipal relationship metaphors of love-hate relationship between the two. Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo will also be accompanied live by the great orchestra of Good Fellas, just like those in Tel chi el telun.

In Paris the numbers are staggering: After having seduced the whole world with his show dedicated to the art of transformation, Arturo Brachetti today speaks of magic, in the company of his friends. A seven actors company is trying a boulevard comedy. In the story a boy Arturo after years of absence returns to his mother Carmen Scarpitta who runs a club on a terrace of a metropolis. Arturo surprisingly plays both roles Fregoli and Romulus. Production Teatro Stabile di Roma. The show has been very successful especially among young people who have more appreciated the unusual setting of an eternal story.

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