Watch Dogs – Story Trailer Video. You don’t belong in system wars at this moment then. Watch the Trailer Watch the Trailer. Apparently there’s improvements to the water vapour in the air or as they say “fog” which I’m guessing is only really seen during heavy rain, though I’ve yet to see it. Too bad the game sucks, but at least I can take better screenshots now. I swear if someone makes a texture editor then I’ll be the first one to make a high-res texture pack. This game looks fucking unbelievable now. LadyBlue Follow Forum Posts:

Anything connected to the ctOS can become your weapon. Damn,now that looks amazing,miles better than the current gen consoles. Agreed the Pc version now looks crazy better. You don’t belong in system wars at this moment then. Watch Dogs – Spider Tank Screenshot. Stop a train, and then board it to evade the authorities.

Narrowly escape capture by quickly raising a drawbridge. SentientMind Follow Forum Posts: Watch the Trailer Watch the Trailer.

Watch Dogs 2 Bloopers & Stunts [Funny Moments]

Performances actually have been improved That moment when the mod actually improves the performance of the game for low-high end Dofs. The amount of bloom in the non-modified shader files is perfectly fine. Behold, screenshots of the game with the mod. You’ll get behind the wheel of more than 65 cars — each with state-of-the-art physics and handling — to explore Chicago’s vast and intricate roadways.

Watch Dogs 2 Bloopers Episode 2 | Ben Buja on Patreon

That just reiterates how much worst the ps4 edition is. Watch Dogs – Bedbug Screenshot.


benbujw More Info More Info. Learn everything you need to know about the game that defines next gen. BldgIrsh Follow Forum Posts: Watch the Ultimate Preview Trailer Check out the ultimate Watch Dogs preview and see how to hack the city to make it your weapon. Game Overview All it takes is the swipe of a finger. No one cares about gameplay anymore. Cranler Follow Forum Posts: There are tons of articles about this now.

And, as stated in the video the unlocking of hidden settings is being worked on. He even states he never runs the game on ultra except now Hopefully it will teach Ubisoft, but I think that’s unlikely. Watch Dogs Season Pass.

With each connection, we qatch a digital trail that tracks our every move and milestone, our every like and dislike.

All screenshots taken prior to the mod. Does he drive with his hands on his pockets too? It’s all about graphics at the moment. Thanks for sharing your love for the PC. Not only that, they pop in at a rediculously close range. Before you downplay the video for something idiotic. Those screens kill my eyes I am pretty sure none of them know what they’re talking about, just you. GameSpot Forums System Wars results 1 2 3 4 Today, all major cities are networked.

Just needed to disable the depth of field: Get access to a unique Single Player Campaign featuring a new playable character plus more missions, weapons, and exclusive content. Urban infrastructures are monitored and controlled by complex operating systems. Just tried it and it looks really nice. Watch Wattch – Trailer Video.


Watch Dogs – Character Trailer Video. Watch Dogs – Iraq Screenshot. I just think all this talk about WD visuals is silly when it looks far worse then a PS4 exclusive that came out 3 months ago. Dof values have been corrected for this wztch for a better gameplay experience I hope you like it the way is now E3 bloom tuned I hope you like it now Headlight shadows now have been fixed Changes to the rain system density, ammount, quality, fluid settings, etc Now Rain is reacting to light properly 3 aiden principal cameras to choose Closer, normal and far Changes to the lighting system SSAO Quality, wind settings, etc Civilian genbuja changed from default to allow a more dense street.

Fixed the game for me, I can run at high texture quality with little to no stutter, before it was a slideshow Lights now cast dynamic shadows, which is nice, though they’re regular non softened shadows, so they look like shit most of the time.

Watch Dogs – Story Trailer Video. Please Log In to post. There’s fog both during heavy rain and sprinkles.