The Witch Scene Alina Cojocaru is the quintessential Sylph. Here is what the press had to say. However, the version you will probably see today is not the original Taglioni version, it is the newer Bournonville version. The Danish ballet master saw in La Sylphide an opportunity to promote his own pupil Lucile Grahn but at the same time he wanted to take some emphasis out of the ballerina and put her on equal footing with the male dancer. James and the Sylphide 6. And with a ballet season full of favourites…. You may also like.

A sylph, like the one our hero James is bewitched by, is a mythological spirit of the air. La Sylphide was the first major Romantic ballet and it is one of the oldest still regularly performed. Gurn finds his hat, but Madge convinces him to say nothing. She tells the young farmer the scarf will bind the sylph to him so she cannot fly away. You are well-versed in Giselle, La Sylphide, Ondine and would like to try a different supernatural [ James chasing the Sylphide James and the Sylphide 6.

Five things about La Sylphide

In the end, Bournonville mounted his own production based on the original libretto. Sylfiden is a romantic ballet in two acts. He declares his love for her. He re-choreographed the ballet to suit his own abilities as a virtuoso dancer, thus giving a bigger role to the character of James, full of mighty leaps, turns and challenging beaten steps.

You love Romantic ballets like Giselle but wish the male dancer had a bigger role. Bournonville’s is the only version known to have survived and is one of the world’s oldest surviving ballets. The premiere took place on November 28, He does and Effie accepts his proposal.


When I heard them, I had to see them, but with a lot of trepidation.

Five things about La Sylphide – English National Ballet

Immediately her wings fall off, as Madge has cast a spell on the scarf, and the sylph dies. Madge appears and gives Syynopsis the scarf “with which he can hold his elusive love. The Sylph ; Danish: Gurn leads the guests in search of James. She gleefully informs Effie that James loves someone else and she will be united with Gurn.

Gurn, who spies the moment from the shadows, scampers off to tell Effie what has happened. An entrancing and hypnotising lover.

Welcome – Already a member? She instructs him to wind the scarf about the sylph’s shoulders and arms for full effect.

Though inspired by La Sylphideit was meant to be performed as an independent ballet with its own merits. As James wakes up, the sylph runs away, dancing.

Suddenly, a ba,let wedding procession led by Effie and Gurn crosses the glade. The Witch Scene Thus, the witch Madge is a more important figure who sustains the drama.

La Sylphide

Her bootlegs ended up being donated to the Dance Research library at Lincoln Center, where you can watch them for free. Peter FarmerDesigner.

She advises Effie to forget about James and settle for Gurn. Her favorite Ratmansky ballets are: He aspires to belong in her world and to possess her and this ultimately leads to tragedy. She is so delicate, she seems to float on air — those arms and those eyes!


Art Direction and Design: A variation Drigo composed for the ballerina Varvara Nikitina in Petipa’s version is today the traditional solo danced by the lead ballerina of the famous Paquita Grand Pas Classique.

She kisses him and then vanishes when he suddenly wakes. January 8, Dance Blog Spotlight: The Sylphide calls the Sylphs La Sylphide is often confused with Les Sylphidesanother ballet involving the mythical sylph, or forest sprite.

La Sylphide – The Ballet Bag

Others thought the remake was better. Angrily he attacks Madge and wants to expel her from his property but his friends convince him to calm down and be more hospitable. Effie, her mother, some neighbours, Gurn, Effie’s disappointed suitorand Madge, an old witch that James had sent awayarrive. Madge prophesies that Effie is not loved by her betrothed, Jamesand will marry Gurn. She predicts that some will bear healthy children while others will bear children who will die.

March 12th,Paris Opera, Paris synopsis:.