Jaakor then has a talk with Shun and they decide to part ways so Jaakor could protect his family. Drago struggles fighting against the two when suddenly Dan and Drago begin to have visions again and Drago loses control of his powers. After Wiseman revealed himself to be Coredegon, Coredegon is about to blast Drago into oblivion but the Nonets come to the Brawlers’ aid. Rafe bows down as he reveals to Dan Kuso and the brawlers that she became the Queen while the former Queen Serena Sheen , became the Ambassador of Gundalia and Neathia, surprising the Brawlers. They then see Gunz and Betadron, who tell them that they have come to finally have their vengeance. While the lightning appears Rafe and Paige had no idea what it was, Shun thought it was more Chaos Bakugan and Marucho thought that it was help. After Gunz took a drink of water on a fountain, he saw Reptak and called for him but they thought he is Wiseman, since Wiseman looks like Gunz.

Dan leaves saying that Aerogan is now Runo’s problem, much to her annoyance. Everybody is happy and ask him what happened with Dylan walking away with his signature lollipop. Drago’s Revolutional attack then goes up against Zenthon’s lasers but Zenthon is unable to take it but Anubias’s Iron Dragonoid and Venexus continue to attack Titanium Dragonoid. They find out that the masked entity is called Mag Mel and the Bakugan with him is called Razenoid. The episode starts off with Dan showing Runo around the city, when they run into Julie who was looking for a scope. They leave the woods and find Mechtavius Destroyer who fires at them. When Deezall and Rockfist are about to try to defeat Zenthon Titan they are both defeated by a long range shot by Marucho and Tristar with Cannongear who hacked Rafe’s Mobile Assault to use as a Cannon and upgraded its power for Mechtogan targets. The next day, Julie and a camera man arrive at the HQ for an interview report.

Meanwhile in the now incredibly empty Doom Dimension, Fury is shown being betrayed by his Mechtogan Coredegon, who then kills him. Dan then tells Rafe that he will handle it and tells Drago to use Dragon Blazer on the roof and rocks tumble down which trap the Chaos Bakugan.


Sellon thanks them and starts revealing Mag Mel’s true plan, which ends up having Soon and Chris betrayed evul again.

Shun sees Dan and Drago sailing off using a boat borrowed from Kato. She goes through a Dimensional Gate and the Bakugan fall back. After Dan refused to sign a few autographs, and says hello to his fans, Anubias challenges the so called “big shot” to a brawl. Dan then decides to go after Mag Mel and Razenoid. Luckily Kato finds another teleporter that is still intact and sends it to Marucho. However, Taylean spawns a Mechtogan called Silent Strike, making things even more complicated.

Marucho then wins Round 1. However, his plan fails and Mechtavius Destroyer separates Spatterix and Stronk. After the Brawlers got used to the fact that Gunz was actually Wiseman, Mira was finally well enough to be discharged from the hospital but the bad news was Wiseman tricked them and stole some of the Battle Suits, however Defendtrix, Blasterate, and Doomtronic were the only ones left, now the pressure was on to get them back.

One group distracts the Chaos Bakugan while the other tries to round up the remaining battlers. They insult their teammates which hurts Noah a lot and they reveal that they arival Artificial Beings created by Mag Mel to aid him with his resurrection. Once he broke free from the vines, he went to find a way to escape from Wiseman’s base.

He needs the Gate and Key from Titanium Dragonoid and Dan to become whole again alongside Razenoid and possibly become more powerful than Code Eve so he can rule all Bakugan in the world. Dan then uses BakuNano Sonicannon and they fight back alongside Shun. On the verge of defeat, Spatterix tells Stronk that they need to combine again.

Meanwhile, Rafe and Paige are doing well until Ben comes with Horridian. Razenoid says he was once Dharak.

Dan and Drago are trying to get full control of Zenthon, but fail. He is later taken by Marucho who tries to cheer him up, to one of his family’s hydroelectric plants.

They are, however, quickly defeated by Coredegon. Then they attempt to fly up a cliff, but the strong wind pushes them down. The war ended with Gundalia safe and Dan awaits for his punishment. The group except for Dan leave as they hear that the Chaos Bakugan were invading the city lines.


Mag Mel walks over to get the gate and key but is attacked by Neathian forces led by Captain Elright, Aranaut on Rapilator, and an army of Haos Raptorix. Spectra then suggests another mutation among Helios, Drago and Taylean.

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Near the end, Dan and Wiseman have a personal fight to retrieve the stolen BakuMeter, but Wiseman and the Nonets retreat. Wiseman finally decides to deploy the final stage of his plan, with the Nonet Bakugan more powerful after every battle, and with the stolen Battle Suits and the evil Mechtogan by their side, they are ready to face the Battle Brawlers.

Nurzak then says that he doesn’t know why they came and attacked Gundalia so they had to fight and Queen Fabia said that the Castle Knights are coming to help the Gundalians in their fight against Mag Mel and Razenoid. Sellon and Anubias suddenly interrupt the battle, wanting to teach the boys a lesson in honor and easily defeat them.

However their rivalry is interrupted by a sleazy dealer named Dylan who tries to get them to buy his stuff and cause both teams to leave. However, Dan interprets this as Shun mistrusting him and they argue.

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As Dan tries to clear his mind and look for Mag Mel, he finds him in a “flip-side” of Bakugan Interspace. He managed to defeat them, despite not using any BakuNano himself. Even though he is still plagued by nightmares about Mag Mel and Razenoid, Dan doesn’t mind battling Anubias, with the winner being crowned the official number one brawler of Bakugan Interspace.