At the end of the episode, Just Austin is renamed Austin the Smart. While searching, they come across prospectors Pablo and Tyrone, who are looking for gold in the same area. Desperate to see their corn on television anyway, the farmers trick the news team made up of Uniqua, Tasha, and Austin into thinking that an alien spaceship will land in their field. As they travel to Tibet , they receive help from Uniqua, who tells them that they must follow the inscriptions on the feather to locate the pegasus. Victorian-era inventors Uniqua and Pablo decide that it must have fallen to the center of the earth and use their rocket-drill to find it. Uniqua and Austin are pirates and seek a hidden treasure after discovering half of a treasure map. When a monstrous red dragon attacks the kingdom and steals the members of King Pablo’s court hostage, Tasha and Austin must save them with the help of Dragon.

Flower seller Uniqua is pricked by the thorn of an unusual flower and gains the power to make flowers of any size. College fight songs Songs: They want to perform their most daring trick, the Sextuple Somersault Splash, but a playful sea monster has taken over their pool. Tyrone is the tour guide for Old Gushie Cavern. They wish to be clean, but Mayor Austin Stinkypants has forbidden cleanliness and locked all of their cosmetic products away. Meanwhile, space supervillains Uniquor Uniqua and Pablor Pablo battle for a powerful crystal. Austin is the race announcer.

They encounter Siren Uniqua and Medusa Tasha during their search for food and water.

Retrieved July 31, Unfortunately, everything Uniqua and Tyrone do attracts more Wormans. When Uniqua, Pablo, and Tyrone can not agree on what to do, they let Tasha decide. The series was based upon a live-action pilot produced in [2] titled Me and My Friends.


A Singing Telegram | The Backyardigans Lyrics – Song Lyrics From Every Episode

However, laser beams, booby traps and cages make this mission more difficult than the agents had predicted. Cowboy Tyrone is on his way to Texas for a hoedown. She hires clumsy wizards Pablo and Tyrone to get rid of Tasha.

In the end, Uniqua realizes that Pablo just wants someone else to play soccer with. She keeps the dolphin and trains him as a racer, but Tyrone says that the dolphin is too small to race. She is repeatedly saved from sharks and other hazards by diligent Harbor Patrollers Uniqua, Pablo, and Tyrone by saving three times.

He competes with veteran racers Uniqua, Pablo, and Tyrone for his first gold medal. Uniqua, Pablo, and Tyrone are the world’s greatest synchronized diving team, the Amazing Splashinis. They scan the sky for meteors and learn that one is heading for the Earth.

Reggae and ska Songs: Their best customers, space officers Tyrone and Tasha, teldgram hunting down a dangerous alien criminal known as the Blarg. They are joined by a rather unusual backywrdigans racer: When Austin accidentally steps into the boot of the ghost Captain Redboots Tashahe is transported to Redboots’ cave and needs backyardiganw campers to save him.

When the town residents get Uniqua, even she cannot beat him.

Backyardigans – 44 – Fly Girl – video dailymotion

Uniqua then challenges Tyrone to a race. Tasha ends up rescuing the patrollers with her fishing pole when their boat starts to sink. Austin is an undercover agentwho helps Pablo throughout his missions.

After receiving an order from Mayan King Tyrone, they must cross the Mexican jungle to bring a pizza to his pyramid. Come on, it’s time to smi-i-i-ile!


Backyardigans – 44 – Fly Girl

Newer Post Older Post Home. Big band swing Songs: They learn to heave-ho, swashbuckleand scallawag. Uniqua, Pablo, Tyrone, and Austin are taking part in a skateboarding competition.

When the Ping Pong Bandit Pablo arrives and beats each resident in a game of ping pong, he steals their paddles. Sister princesses Uniqua and Tasha have been locked in a castle tower for years. Desperate to see their corn on television anyway, the farmers trick the news team made up of Uniqua, Tasha, and Telegeam into thinking that an alien spaceship will land in their field.

They use one of backyadigans inventions to get it, but the inventions end up losing it by accident. Pablo and Tyrone are the Two Musketeers.

While Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers Tyrone and Pablo defend the snow fort that guards the world’s largest snowball, ski patrol members Tasha and Uniqua mistake them for people who needs help. Officer Uniqua and Sergeant Tyrone are the space police who must stop robots Pablonator Pablo and T Tasha from breaking into the robot factory and reprogramming the galaxy’s robots from “good” to “bad”.

A giant robot is inadvertently causing trouble in the city and her boss, Pablo the editor, asks her to get a picture of him and resident superheroes Bug Girl Uniqua and Captain Bubble Tyrone.