Now the fate of the world rests in the hands of year-old girl with the power to defeat the virus. Leveling up your demons will improve their abilities and increase particular skill levels, which is crucial in battling other players. Add – More Higashi no Eden. Add – More Fushigi Yuugi. Surprised by his cousin’s eccentricity, he needs time to adapt to the tumultuous new life that has been sprung onto him. Add – More Gravitation. The Phantom of Baker Street. Akiyama Sou is a member of the astronomy club, and just before the festival is to begin, the student executive committee asks the club’s members to calm the uneasiness among the students in regard to mysterious incidents at the old building.

Add – More Peace Maker Kurogane. Players must attempt to gain control of ghosts and bring them under their power, changing them to a demon. Music , Slice of Life. Add – More Hana yori Dango. Add – More Blood-C. The Money of Soul and Possibility Control. Mari, a new pilot, joins the NERV crew to continue defending Tokyo-3 from the Angels’ attacks as the “Third impact” approaches, a catastrophe that, if it occurred, would permanently change humanity’s destiny.

Add – More Haibane Renmei. Add – More Paradise Kiss. Add – More Baby Steps.

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ComedyEcchiRomanceSchool. MusicSlice of Life. Making matters worse at least for Taro, ayaksshi not for our viewing is that not only does he inherit the Hanaukyo mansion, he gets the services of all of the maids 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Add – More Owari no Seraph. Add – More Kaichou wa Maid-sama!: When the story begins, Riki and his friends are seemingly in their second year of high school, except for Kyousuke who is in his chua year.

Kagami no Naka no Mugenjo. ComedyEcchiSchool. Add – More Kirepapa. Kami-sama’s old nemesis’s son has come to exact revenge on Kami-sama for winning the title of Earth’s Guardian. Secondo Passo TV Series. Add – More Blood-C. Add – More Shugo Chara! Add – More Touka Gettan. Add – More Hellsing.

White FoxC-Station. Six years ago, Ichika agreed to become her boyfriend if she could win the national kendo tournament of their grade. Now ten years later, Murakami Jo has been released from prison serving his time The leader of the group was Kyousuke Natsume who had a younger sister named Episove.

Add – More Hatenkou Yuugi. Add – More Tokyo Babylon. Add – More Ghost. Add – More Matantei Loki Ragnarok. Ayakashi Ghost Guild Game. This article possibly contains original research. In his search for a cure he is forced to leave his village forever and journey to the forest inhabited by animal gods. Add – More Copihan.


Goku has managed to go Super Saiyan before, but will he be able to do it again? The series begins in A. Add – More 11eyes: DramaRomanceSchool. Add – More Otogizoushi. She is part of the kendo club at the IS academy. Add – More Hanasakeru Seishounen. Mega Evolution TV Series. Add – More Nurarihyon no Mago: After Kirito stops Nobuyuki’s plans, he finally reunites with Asuna in the real world.

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Add – More Grenadier: Add – More Yami no Matsuei. Hamtaro is searching for the magic sunflower seed, but, he will have to battle Maou-hamu for it.

Add – More Karneval. Add – More Arcana Famiglia. Add – More Kobato. Add – More Rozen Maiden.

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Ichika Orimura The protagonist of Infinite Stratos. Shippuuden Movie 4 – The Lost Tower. Aoki Ookami-tachi no Densetsu. Add – More Anime Himitsu no Hanazono.