Mahesh Babu mesmerized the audience with his scintillating performance and most of the scenes hero does not utter single word and in few scenes he has very limited powerful dialogues. At function venue Mahesh conversation with Sonu about the assassination plan and escape plan. I tried my level best to recapture all the scenes, please oblige me if I missed some. Apart from the technical finesse and story telling, Athadu benefits from a mysterious unpredictability rooted in its story. Scene where Prakash Raj encounter with Mahesh Babu before interval. At the temple scene Mahesh asks Suneel to meet Pujari at his Residence.

Everytime Mahesh does a film, he tries and break away from what he has done previously. Using the chemistry of the lead pair to extract some brilliant comedy is a job very few filmmakers can do! If Okkadu made Mahesh Babu a star, Athadu catapulted him to the next level. The super secret murder of Narsing, the crossover of assassination plan by Mahesh, the visiting card scene between Anjaneya Prasad and Pardhu and the cat and mouse game in the climax, the entire runtime of Athadu was filled with many edgy moments. Strengths of the movie. It starts with Trisha mesmerised by Pardhu, then getting jealous at his flashbacks, fighting with him and then actually falling in love with him. At function venue Mahesh conversation with Sonu about the assassination plan and escape plan.

You were shell surprised when it came and wanted to go back and watch it all over again. Wholesome entertainment in the Basarlapudi village. Athadu is also one of those movies where we see money being pumped into making the movie actually with rich and uncompromising making values by Jayabheri Art Productions.

Mahesh “sorry” to unknown person after getting down the train with 1. A lot of times when an average Telugu viewer is glued to the TV on Saturday or Sunday during prime movie time, the chances that he is watching Athadu is very high.

Apart from taking a bold decision to playing a grey character of a high profile professional killer, Mahesh Babu is the heart of Athadu. How does he procure a revolver? Trivikram Sreenivas has done a wonderful work as a dialogue writer and all most all scenes have terrific dialogues.


An evangelist of internet and digital space, he takes keen interest in cinema, spirituality, athaxu, music, books and cooking vegetarian food. Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Send on whatsapp. Though there are few hiccups in the screenplay and story, the movie has got terrific visuals and Mahesh is at best in this movie. Strengths of the movie. Apart from being unconventional, the action did away from being over the top and grand but was more real and dynamic. There is a certain charm and feel to it.

One should have guts to narrate a story in an unorthodox way and probably this dalogues the first movie I saw where hero has very few dialogues. The role of Pardhu travelled to many actors before it landed in the doorstep of Mahesh Babu. Probably it was destined to be atadu

Trivikram sprinkles his words with a strong dose of intelligent sarcasm and powerful metaphors apart from the brilliant wordplay. Drawbacks of the movie 1.

With sharp intensity in his eyes and minimal dialogue delivery, Mahesh delivered one of his career best performances. Mahesh Babu with Sonu Sood in Hyderabad old city before stabbing the unknown person and after the murder next dialogue is “Goda Dukatam raadanukunta”. Drawbacks of the movie. Mahesh second phone conversation with Kota Sreenivas Rao. Apart from being a very important part of the story, Trivikram wrote some classic dialogues in Athadu.

Mahesh conversation with Sonu Sood at St Mary’s church before the climax fight. Athadu – Trivikram’s Magic. Brahmanandam character is highlight of the movie.

Mahesh giving check to Nazar at his room. The most loved and remembered among Athadu many scenes are the comedy ones. A special word of mention to the brilliant background score. Athadu was dubbed into Polish for a release in Poland as a Poszukiwany Seeking thus becoming the first Telugu film released in Poland.


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For the character of Nasser, Late actor Shobhan Babu was initially considered which did not arhadu. Be it the athaduu turned friend Malli, the sharp yet focused CBI cop Anjaneya Prasad, the over egoistic Naidu, the old school grand father Satya Narayana murthi, the super enthusiastic Pardhu originalover smart and over ambitious politician Baaji Reddy, the bad yet good criminal Sadhu and many other actors, every character essentially makes a mark on you and has a presence in the story.

Heated conversation between Mahesh and Trisha after the Tanikella Bharani fight. Here are the few scenes where Prince Mahesh is having dialogues. Shiyaji Shinde Murder case investigation by Prakash Raj.

10 Years to Athadu – A movie that defined “Clean Entertainment”.

Meshing it with a multitude of themes, Trivikram blended storytelling seamlessly into visual splendour apart from drawing strong performances from actors like Mahesh, Sonu Sood, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Nassar, Tanikella Bharani and Sunil. The threads of linking Nandu and parthoo characters were not mixed properly. Everytime Mahesh does a film, he tries and break away from what he has done previously.

I tried my level best to recapture all the scenes, please oblige me if I missed some.

There are many scenes where Mahesh Babu does not have any dialogue, but his presence climwx those scenes powerful. Scene where Nazar gives him Gun. Be it the close ups during the fist fights or the swish pans during the face offs, the action sequences by Peter Hein were very entertaining.