Sign 13 – After the checkpoint and the crumbling platforms. At the corner right before that drop. Jump on it and at the top look to your right to spot this one. Add Your Own 50 Comments. Be very careful not to pass it. Sony, why are not all PSN cames cross-play or cross-buy? This looks pretty cool. We have no plan at this time for a PS Vita version but, as there appears to be quite a few people interested, we may think about it if the PS3 version is successful enough!

You need to break of them. Sony, why are not all PSN cames cross-play or cross-buy? At the corner right before that drop. Many of them is in obvious places and requires little to no skills or thinking power, although, there are some who are a bit tricky. Add Page to del. Instead of going up those go to the right to see this. Opinion, and SMB would look worse.

Relic 10 – To the left of the previous sign.

Clean-Up This is for any missed collectable or if you still need to get some kills or other misc. Any hope that the Arkedo series will find its way to the Vita eventually? Minigame 14 – The Maze like section has two “parts” seperated by a small section with no ladders rrophy all. But otherwise, great to see the series coming out here, especially for such a nice price. Relic 11 – Use the ice machine to turn water into ice. Look in the extremely nicely written “Collectables” section of a list of all collectables.


Sign 26 – To the left of the previous sign is some crumbling steps. Sign 48 – In front of the third bodyguard. That’s how relic blocks look like. The two small clouds leads to a spring that jumps you to a ladder.

If you focus on this you should be able to get through your first playthrough. Roaring tomcat Kill enemies by guidd at them. This sounds like a basic tip, but don’t quit halfway through a level.

Rockhead and continue through the slippery floor and duck under guixe ceiling to get to this sign. Sign 45 – After the first checkpoint. Sign 24 – At the top of a pretty difficult jumping section.


To echo other commenters, these really would have been more appropriate on Vita. The Sky Sign 25 – Right at the start, up the steps. Not a dealbreaker, but confusing. Coming home Complete all the levels. It’s right befor the pig. Minigame 4 – Go past the eight mushroom guys and get up the ladder over the armored duck to the left is this minigame.


To roar you first need to kill 5 enemies in a row without taking a hit. I picked aarkedo up today, and the games are fun, but wondering why we got a different trophy list than Europe?

Brave tomcat Kill foes. Sign 29 – Right after an annoying ladder section. Q1’s Biggest Games Nine games you can’t miss in Q1 These blocks are very arkfdo spread and they have cracks in them.

Sign 21 – A little while after Minigame 7. None seen so far. Be very careful not to pass it. Then again, I was raised on Atari and have always had an appreciate for pixel art.

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Complete the atkedo maze and you will most likely achieve full health. The minigame block should be easy to find from here. Add Your Own 50 Comments. Meet the angry piggies. Nope Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: