A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Its more fun reading the recap first. How could he know about this place? And the love triangle begins. Even though… I guess technically … Eun-oh is her actual spawn… eeep! She asks how he found her and he says he just happened by. My favourite comment was “technically

This is why both disappeared at about the same time — I’d say exactly the same time, and both were brought to the death-shack-in-the-woods to undergo whatever ceremony is needed to effect the change. I think Joo-wal has been earmarked to be Mom’s future husband. This drama with many Cryptic clues Oh, If K-dramas were a large box of candies, this one would be that rare delicious treat that I dig up the whole box of goodies for. He’s learning to care for someone truly, what with wanting to run to Arang after she fell off the cliff although he was in such a bad state. He tells him to gather up some strong men.

Hm, did Mom get a free pass from the Jade Emperor once upon a time?

I thought Eun-oh telling her maagistrate close her eyes and think something happy was so unexpectedly sweet though morbid. Oh, If K-dramas were a large box of candies, this one would be that rare delicious treat that I dig up the whole box of goodies for.

And then of all things, it starts to rain.

But playing the triangle for the life-and-death tension is far more interesting and adds a great layer to every interaction. He tells him to gather up some strong men. This is why the mother who sacrificed her life to save her daughter in ep. But suddenly a bloody arm reaches out and catches her.

And why am I watching this at night? Postingan ini di dedikasik They argue about where to go from here, when a rope suddenly appears. Arang calls out for Eun-oh over and over, and gets no response. I want to know more about the life he lead before meeting Arang. Hopefully, the ratings won’t decline further on Thursday when Gaksital’s final episode is aired. Why can he see ghosts and does his mom know that he inherited some supernatural abilities from her? She lifts the veil and motions for him to come close.


Maybe it’s a really good thing they couldn’t escape that way.

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She would have known by this episode that he didn’t go to Lee Seo-rim’s funeral she had asked Eun-oh if the fiance attended the funeral because the young man she bumped into didn’t know the way. Retrieved May 5, Lee Joon-gi and Shin Min-a. But it’s nice to speculate what happened and who’s what and what’s what. Can’t wait for the rest of the eps to come out, and if any of the theories you’d pointed out would bear out.

Wouldn’t that make DS like years old? I definitely didn’t think I’d love it so much. Retrieved November 20, September 5, at 9: It’s top notch writing, that.

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Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. Okey this show is tiring me up by making me think too much and not have a clue of what’s gonna happen next She reaches the end of her trail at a big drop into a waterfall, and turns back.

Lord Choi finally wakes up feeling better, and his servant comes back after doing his background check on Eun-oh. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: He sighs in relief that he found Eun-oh magistfate searching all night, and then makes sure to scowl at Arang. I looooooove this show and Lee Junki!!!!!!!

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Something heavenly which Mom cannot possess? He gathers up all his strength and socks him, and they both go down. Since Arang has an “immortal” body, Mom is overjoyed at the prospect of “never needing a disgusting human being again”.


Contrast that with all the other ghosts we’ve seen in the series: Eun Oh better get in gear cause the black knight is white knighting his girl!

Hahahaha I can’t decide which girlfriday comment is better: No need to fear reapers for now because she’s “alive”. The sinppsis here didn’t fully capture it, but I loved how, when she was climbing back up the soon-to-break rope, he told her to take a deep breath and think a happy memory and then it’ll be over soon.

Wait, were they reapers you trapped, or reapers you made? I think Joo-wal xinopsis been earmarked to be Mom’s future husband. She scrambles back to the gravesite and starts untying the rope, and calls out to Mu-young for help. Sinopsis Heartstrings episode 8 part 2. Retrieved June 6, My favourite comment was “technically But one day a new magistrate comes to magistrare — a young man by the name of Lee Sang-sa.

Every character is like secret mystical being that we don’t understand. Hellspawn is definitely way more exciting as romantic competition. Kiara September 5, at 9: Eun-oh frantically gets up and starts running to her… and then collapses. Demon escapee peisode fresh, virgin souls to keep her body in the mortal plane, and a host body to walk around in.