The video below shows the Santa Hat glitch. Thanks to someone who can answer my question. I just wanted to tell you that even if it far less easier I suppose it is still totally doable, I finally got it yesterday. It can be accomplished with two birds. After 4 days, I just gave up. Found that manual activation of the Bomb Bird produced the best score. I manually detonated it as soon as it made contact. Love the game and love the help for getting through the games.

Its just scores I got and stars I got for them, just to give ppl a rough idea of where they need to be to get the stars: Hope it stays above. I am trying to accomplish the Score Addict for Season Greedings which is 2,, So I could join the people at the top: Must find my boxing gloves now, I have Ham Em High, but doing my utmost to not open it until the Christmas ones finish!! BirdLeader we need some help here, boss.

Anyone looking at leaderboard can tell which scores are achieved with or without glitch and they should be differentiated. I will work on higher score another day.

Angey while, BP still o. Add plus differenced too since it is important by what margin you exceed the average 4. Not a problem henrypartridge You must understand that young angry birds fans visit those pages daily.

You are welcome Pops, I made sure I endured the same agony everyone else had, so I played the levels first without the glitch.

Then you should curse, swear, yell at the top of your lungs, etc. Dropped the egg and then hit the balloon to drop the tnt. I believe the second video is a good example at how to get in the high 70s or higher. All pigs on the left side should pop, and the Tjree should fall onto the present below.

Kathy when you get here be ready to put on your patience gear! I love AB as much as anyone here but I have to say that I think Rovio made a big mistake with this level. Here is my video! WTB christophermorrison5 on your score.


Angry Birds Seasons Greedings Walkthrough Videos 3 Star | AngryBirdsNest

D top is impossible at this point, but you can come closegl. Once its support tower is gone it should fall! No foul language will be tolerated. Thank you ohforfive for this excellent strategy, and e-star for the video. Only leaving the third structure and the present. I wish they would reset all of the levels with the hat glitch and make everyone do it the way it is now.

And thanks for the support.

The only levels the glitches are very effective are, Because on a number of levels I have been able to clear them but not 3 hhree them, plus its interetsing to see other possible solutions for a level, plus this is a great site, its a like greecings people social thing, enough said!

Yep meanguy you are right Might try the other way around. Due to some graphical studies, I calculated that the mean without glitch for is around 49k, 62k for and 73k for It provided the hope and motivation that an above average score can be obtained for those of us who did not or do not have the Santa Hat glitch.

Angry Birds Seasons: Christmas 3 Star Walkthrough Level 1-23

Second shot is over the ruins of the first structure but under the rope, clipping the first 2 pigs and tearing into the lowest level of the second structure. I had to watch the video posted by e-star to remember how it was done and managed to improve a good deal. It is still doable. If you’re interested in supporting AngryBirdsNest or RocketPond please contact us or check out our advertising rates.

Thank you moe and of course e-star for the 1 birdie!

Angry Birds Seasons: Christmas 3 Star Walkthrough Level | AngryBirdsNest

Not only smashing piggies to green pulp but thwarting the thrwe powah!! I am having no luck. Even so knichy all other scoees are close, i believe 6k above is questionable? Yes to anyone reading we are officially nutters. However I am disappointed that the glitch scores still stand, those of us who do not have the glitch but want to compete for top scores have been completely hamstrung and will never be able to HONESTLY compete for top scores and that is truely a shame.


We have no accurate way of pointing the glitch scores from the others. I took a lot of retries to get your strat going, but failed. I have been following e-star video and got lucky. Some of these levels are very tough to achieve the average score because the top scores are so inflated. Also angy the 2nd method with 2 birds but it still only gave 77k thanks for the uplaods but managed all but lvl 20 without coming here first.

But it was like my screen was stuck and totally nonresponsive right beforeā€¦ Not like the classic iPhone pause, this was frozen then BOOM. Hopefully I remember to come back and comment on my comment when I DO achieve the 1 bird solution. Thats why I hadnt seen it, I was looking for a whole new download, expected to have to pay for it too, so what a bonus when I found out it was free.

If you time it right a glass block flies up to tap the TNT while your bird pops the ballon. Why does my second bird keep getting hung up in the line?!? I found this while trying the above solutionā€¦ Aiming to hit the first red hatted pig with the first bird caused a chain reaction that gave a score of If you’re interested in supporting AngryBirdsNest or RocketPond please contact us or check out our advertising rates.