May revist in near future!! Then I dropped an egg and it killed most of the pigs. Get an Uncaged Membership Today. Keep hacking at it. But i got it; Good question cuz i think i do that often. I will thank you all in advance. After hitting it the right tower collapses leftwards, toppling the remaining towers, but the TNT only explodes just as the last pig is dead. What is the deal!!!!!!!!!

Angry Birds “Bird Island” Update! I felt that it was really luck to have gone over 90K. Hey slim — why did you do videos for all the seagle walkthroughs? I either hit the stone side of the structure resulting in absolutely nothing, or I take down the middle structure. Took me 2 yes two! If you’re interested in supporting AngryBirdsNest or RocketPond please contact us or check out our advertising rates.

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I took the 1st YB into the 1st vertical wood of the 1st blissom taking out the red itemmaking the wood and stones fall. We are the go blossoom place for walkthroughs, news, and much more. I can’t seem to destroy the right parts of the structure with the regular birds.

If the tnt is blocked by debris, a high arc with the Yellow Bird can many times hit the wood post and the tnt.

The bird will narrowly miss the annoying triangle, then boost just before hitting the wood block. It took me quite a few flings and about a day and a half to fine tune the aimimg point ,sure go for it, many mightg points available!

It is tough, but do-able. Cyerry tend to get hung up on this glass otherwise. CB was one of those episodes that made me consider taking some tranquillisers to prevent me from throwing my cell phone against the wall.


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One bird where AA said, and a second for cleanup plus eagoe 1 bird bonus to get to First time using this method was successful whereas I never got the feather leaving one or two of those blocks on the left but destroying more on the right. After multiple attempts just to get the yellow bird to hit the last tower without missing the middle one, I not only hit the right spot, but detonated the TNT!

No clicking the link necessary but grateful as anything you put it there! Sorry if we eaglr got off on the wrong foot. I hit the wooden post all the way to the left. The key was Sdasons think is getting all the stones and rocks.

Been trying to break the k too, but without success. If you’re interested in supporting AngryBirdsNest or RocketPond please contact us or check out our advertising rates.

Maybe I will have more luck during my next round of revisits: I remember that when I first entered my score about 18 hours after the update, the cherty score was 85k — and that would now be about 25th on the leaderboard!

Angry Birds Mighty Eagle Walkthrough Cherry Blossom Level 1-13

Just throw the Sardines can down and let it rest against the first rock structure on the other side of the TNT. Rinse and repeat is definitely required for this level!

The second bird I send to the left over little pig on the left and letting white bird impact and hit the rest of the structure. We are the go to place for walkthroughs, news, and much more. Strategy was the same as the video but I fired the mighgy a fraction of a second earlier, this catapulted him into the very peak of the structure which flipped over the stone plank and also started the stone hollow square rolling to the right.


Ewgle just 2 times! Post in the New Forum! Odd migty I was the only one who reported seeing it, but whatever it was is gone now. Yb into block by TNT, whole thing fell to left. Two taps to reset and bird not deploying in a level that requires split second timing because of the freakishly awkward angle.

Angry Birds Mighty Eagle Walkthrough Cherry Blossom Level 1-6

Good destruction in the space between the 2nd and last pillar. Way to go, Fuji! To get Total Destruction on this level, first take your first bird and throw it into the structure above the two pigs on the bottom left of the wooden structure closest to the sling shot I was really struggling with that one.

Does anyone else have data on this? Sometimes partial self-destruction eagpe not help. This discussion has been closed. I need help on Wreck Mighty Eagle