Puni Puni Poemy is just Did you truly understand what happened at the end of that anime? Actually I’d love to see what happens to them afterwards more than any other story but I still think it’s highly unlikely: The body contains html content. Page 4- Pokemon Black and White: So if there was a season 2 in development, there would be nothing other than a new set of characters that will relate back to the characters in season 1 in a way. I love Nabeshin, both as a director and a character.

I saw in other forums that the sequel was rumored to be called Angel Beats! Oruchuban Ebichu or Cat Soup. He had a really hard time coping and has been through rehab three times. Our keywords detector search popular words of your website on bing in different countries. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. An http response object consists of a header and a body.

September 21, I’m really surprised no one has said Sexy Commando at this point.

This is the scene. This story is over, maybe they can make a 2nd season, but with different characters, places, another story and a new title Meaning, I’ve got to see it!

Antel Tenshi Dokuro-chan, hands down. Oh yeah, after reading the comments I entirely forgot about Bobob-bo-bobo and the one episode of Excel Saga I watched.

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I was going to. Therefore, it is very possible that season 2 would be about the SSS crew or afterlife battlefront regaining there memories and finding each other.

Weirdest one i’ve seen? I’m really interested in what happened to TK, Shiina, or even Noda. After the 3rd episode you have no idea whats going on, and Ive watched it animefusjigi times. It’s pretty violent and such it’s just strange. Excel Saga is also a close second. All the characters were able to fulfill their regrets and pass away leaving a sense of happiness in their minds.


Maybe they could pull a Haruhi and make a second season of episodes that fit into the timeline of the first series, or something like that. It is very possible to get a season anmefushigi, if you have ever seen the last episode of Angle Beats season 1 god knows I have lol, since the whole conflict with Yuri, besides Angle was trying to find out if there really is a godyou see that the amnisia guy sorry I forgot his name found Angle after peisode both graduated to the real world of actual life.

Not possible IMO because they ended right where they needed to in my mind. He was near death, too and lost most of his blood like Captain Mantz. Sexy Commando Gaiden Sugoiyo Masaru-san! If there are or more links in total on the homepage of a website, this is a situation that search engines do not like.

I wouldn’t say evangelion is wierd especially compared to the movies, those of which are a entirely different beast altogether. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Have them somehow find each other again in their new lives?

Angel Beats Season 2?

Probably Bakemongatari even though I’ve only watched four-five episodes. But it would be kind of interesting to see Kanade’s and Otonashi’s next life. I saw in other forums that the sequel was rumored to be called Angel Beats!


I really enjoyed it, just the same. I think there was a prequel light novel called, “Angel Beats! After re-reading your post, I really don’t think you have that much knowledge about anime, and i’m a rookie! I saw this thanks to a suggestion on a thread a few days ago about the most bloody anime you’ve seen, I watched the opening credits and I just had to see the rest. I know a young marine who bewts his leg when an IED exploded when he was the first to enter a building to search it. How did they make this anime and not see how epic it was and think, aren’t we rushing this a tad?

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Even though they would be mortal, this is a very likely possibility. I got more Wtf’s from the first minute of watching the end of evangelion than the whole series. Episode 1 of my Playthrough of Pokemon Black and White. Http header is an information the beginning of a http request or response. Plus the fact that Angelbeats’ ending was an open one that sort of closed the story, and it really seemed to be intended that way, still unlikely, but I’m still hopeful.

For better or worse.