The only thing I liked about this story is that it highlighted the other side of “practicing” Muslims. But, what I think would have been poetic justice and more realistic, even if I agree with Umera’s vision for her character as well was for Salar to have succumbed to disease and for Imama specially and his children, the boys and the girls, to carry on his legacy. I was quite hesitant in reading the sequel to peer e kamil, one of my favourite books, scared to ruin it but well I wasn’t disappointed. Adam aur Havva Adam and Eve Bay: The power of WordReference. The redemption of characters was exemplary, the mention of old home, Alzheimer’s and the family reunion was very apt, it really hit the mark. Umera Ahmed Official February 16 at Being a good Muslim is also being a good human being, it made me feel proud of the characters when the I loved the book:

But, again, the question we all have to ask ourselves is that is it not what we all want in a novel. I am unable to understand what is wrong with Imama? Jun 04, Mi Mi rated it it was amazing Shelves: You know in the beginning of PK, Umama’s friend asked ‘What she wants most in life? She began her writing career in at a quite young age. Abdan abada The Eternal Tay: See more of Umera Ahmed Official on Facebook.

I am sorry if I inadvertently hurt someone by my opinions. Umera Ahmed Official February 22 at 5: They both appeared to know it but readers don’t. Abe hayaat main ne kal hi finish kiya hai.

He is the one who has to go umerz everything, because he has become Kamil. Dec 13, Inshal Abidi rated it really liked it. Apart from that, Umera Ahmed incorporated a bit too many supernatural details in the story which didn’t seem very practical.

Aab-e-Hayyat by Umera Ahmed – Episode 1 – Urdu Novels

Abdan abada The Eternal Tay: Dint consider much on the negative aspect of the episode coz I was that happy seeing this lovable Imama for a wpisode. I didn’t really find any relevance in that. I thought it will be as good as peer e kamil but was very disappointed. Aik Passive Observer ban kar to zindagi nhn guzarni chaheay!!

Free Books And Literature: Abe Hayat Novel Episode 5 By Umera Ahmad

Maybe I’m an over-zealous fan of the Imama-Salar enterprise who isn’tI understand that with the storyline it really was hard to accommodate, it was done with grace but I think the gap between the two books could’ve been better bridged, another incident of the success of a franchise going to people’s ahmec maybe on both sides.


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Like I love her and all, she is my idol as a writer, she can awaken keen sensations in me and drive me to tears but this bias, this stereotyping, it gets on my nerves.

It’s hard but I am going to try to be very sincere with my review, and it is going to offend like I was offended by the book many a time.

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And then, when we hear that Anaya has never had any male friends much less close male friends because SHE has been brought up like that when at the same time it’s no big deal that her older brother Jibreel has been making female friends freely, ungrudgingly and can go see a woman alone at her apartment, and her younger brother can have girl-friends from an early age, Umera! I love reading books and comics. It was refreshingly unconventional.

And their children are also the best one. I tried my best to be sincere in my efforts. After reading and re-reading these love stories for past nine year, she has very immature and unrealistic expectation from her marriage.

Bringing into light the throttlehold of usury based system on our world today. Imama Hashim I still like her. The novel is full of flaws, Inconsistent, Ir relative. Because Umera’s writing is making me think that if Imama were a doctor, not a chemist she would’ve been a more active contributor to society I rolled my eyes so many times.

For the first time in a long time I actually felt envious of Xbe Hashim.

Return to Book Page. One can easily relate to the helplessness he feels.

Now I’ve read some books and romance is my favorite epjsode and I’ve my fair share of some cheap and dirty ones as well but whmed ‘cheap’ romance novel, you got to have to read some from E. All the time I thought Salar was going to die but to my hidden relief he didn’t. Of course Allah has answered this in Quran And what I really liked about Aab e hayat was how it portrayed ahsan said’s family that althought they were leading a very pious life but there good deeds made them arrogant.

The cards comprised as follows and the characters’ lives were divided in the sequence followed by the cards Alif: We all also know of the Hadith where Omar’s sister asked him to make Wudu before reading the reading the Quran when he was a non-Muslim and the opinion of certain scholars like Ibn Epiwode Shami RA is that non-Muslims are obliged to perform a ritual bath for touching it. And did I mention that episodd ring was worth She should’ve abbe her bias aside before sitting to write his book.


It was when Salaar told her how she brings the best out of everything. On the other hand, there is a woman with that man, torn and devastated for nine years Probably the best sequel of the best book. Ayesha and Jibraeel had a perfect conversation in the end, Raeesa’s story although not clear was satisfactory.

Aab-e-Hayyat by Umera Ahmed – Episode 1

And, y’all please tell me, is there not another respectable profession besides business and medicine?. Probably the best sequel of abbe best book. I am loving the noval….

No, I think english readers especially my brother who cannot read urdu like this would love to have this story in an English form. This needed to umrra highlighted. I think we can safely assume that Imama and children are not in immediate danger.

Ab-e-Hayat Episode 5 Review

Hats off to the writer. Surah Waqiah is 56th chapter of Holy Quran. It has its issues but the novel is well-rounded and resourceful. Bait-ul-Ankaboot House of spider Hay: I have no thoughts of murder plan scene but the scene in which sbe girl comes to his father n asks why did he killed her family I think its hashim mubeen n hhayat is not his own daughter he had killed her family and took her custody.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The story began from the 7th chapter as far eipsode I rememberwhen Salaar finally realises the vices of interest.

The preface says that its about the system of interest and how those Muslims who use it in any way lose their duniya and akhirah. They begin their journey together not without a few bumps along the road but love triumphs and religion conquers all, sounds very deus ex machina, doesn’t it.