Out of all the ‘main’ characters, Anwar got shafted the most as he simply became annoying until they gave him something proper to do in the finale, whilst some of the characters just were mind-boggling. He’s bad news, but she’s intoxicated by him and finds an outlet for her anger and frustration. Sid throws a dinner party to celebrate the end of exams, with Cassie, Chris, Michelle and Tony in attendance. This Is England 88 Series 1. That afternoon, Maxxie, after being reminded of his conflict with Anwar by Tony, has a furious argument with him, calling Anwar a hypocrite for ignoring the rules of his religion when it suits him his drug and alcohol abuse and lack of respect for women , but refusing to ignore his faith for his best friend. Effy has uncovered crucial financial information relating to a troubled deal while working at a dead-end job at a leading London hedge fund, but she is now in a precarious situation. Gadget Man Series

Michelle Richardson 19 episodes, Lily Loveless Locked Up Series 1. Shameless Box Set Series Franky Fitzgerald 18 episodes, Sean Teale SuperCracko , Apr 15, Four in a Bed Series

Alo’s parents are sick of his partying and decide to force him to buckle down to life on the farm. Goofs Throughout the series, lighting screens and crew reflections can be seen in Sid’s glasses multiple times. Cardinal Burns Series As the group land in Russia, Sid gets through the metal detectors but is close to being found out by sniffer dogs. Meanwhile, Anwar sees a beautiful Russian girl working outside a nearby house, and immediately call the others. Roundview Sixth Form College’s Year 12 history class and, for some reason, Tony are going to Russia to study post- Soviet developments in the country.

There’s only one thing to do at a time like this – party some more! You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. CharleyApr 16, At the hostel, Anwar discovers that Anka can speak English quite fluently, clearly having learned it from watching the American show Friends “I learn from, like, the best American show ever!


The gang have made a pact not to look at their grades until after they’ve said goodbye to Chris. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise.

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Strong language skjns scenes of a sexual nature This episode is subtitled 48 mins. How is saying “Fuck it” brave or whatever? This series of skins has been a real downward slide. Alex starts college and immediately hits it off with a fellow student. Rich Hardbeck 16 episodes, Megan Prescott Yes No Report this. The domestic situation at Naomi’s has come to a head. Franky’s in a bad place. Very strong language throughout and language that some viewers may find offensive, drug use and violent scenes This episode is subtitled 48 mins.

Cassie Ainsworth 20 episodes, Sid Jenkins 19 episodes, The conflict within the gang has taken its toll on him. Magnifica 70 Series 1. No Offence Series How many episodes of Skins have you seen? The opening theme by Fat Segal remains intact in all versions. You accept sesson this service uses cookies.

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Scrapheap Challenge Series Strong seaskn throughout and drug use This episode is subtitled 47 mins. If this wasn’t bad enough, living in the shadow of the reckless Cook is doing his head in. Has nobody noticed that Tony’s little sister Effy never utters a word and sneaks out of the house at night?


The bit with Effy at the very end was a nice touch, but a bit weird nevertheless. Pandora Moon 17 episodes, Barred by Chris’s parents from attending Sid and Tony ‘borrow’ the coffin to sfason their own respects,returning it in time for Jal to make a I don’t think they necessarily needed to put her in her brother’s bed to emphasise the fact the focus was shifting to her.

He desperately wants to leave college and follow his dream to become a dancer, but his dad Walter, Bill Bailey, is giving him hell about it. Something I never quite liked about Series 2 is the focus on particular characters being so uneven.

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Nick Levan 18 episodes, Star Stories Series Very strong language, violence, drug use and scenes of a sexual nature This episode is subtitled 44 mins. Tony Stonem 19 episodes, Nick is torn between his love for Franky – who just wants to be friends – and his loyalty to his brother, who also loves Franky, and needs Nick’s help to get home from Morocco.

Misfits Box Set Series I’m semi-annoyed minor characters like Posh Kenneth and Abi weren’t around in this episode, although it seemed fitting Effy wasn’t properly in it since she’ll get swason of screen time next year.

That night, Chris calls in to say goodnight to Angie, but must hide under the bed when Tom arrives and tries to impress Angie by doing squats in his underwear.