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T R I S [ trais ]

Pieces move by screen touch by tablets such as iPad.

[ Portion on a center ] Pieces rotate on the right.
[ Left of central ] Pieces move to the left.
[ Right of central ] Pieces move to the right.
[ Portion under a center ] Pieces fall quickly.

In a smart phone, it becomes a screen for exclusive
use automatically.

Although the rest is somewhat detailed explanation of specification, a game is made even if it does not read.

[ Level ]
If stones are all erased or new pieces come out 100 times, one Level will go up. Stones or colors increase or it becomes a rule of 4 erasing.

[ Stone and Star ]
■ Stone
Since a stone does not disappear by itself, you must put color pieces and erase it together.
☆ Star
The sequence of the length of the color which placed the star all disappears. 2,000 * level is a bonus point.

[ cookie ]
In this game, cookie is used for an identical person's distinction. Please make it a setup to which cookie is permitted.